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*Frank's POV*

I hung up my phone while growling. Aggressive, ME? Impossible, I'm the sweetest person in the band! I never ever get mad! Felling a rumbly in my tumbly, I quickly found the place they serve breakfast. The toast looked stale, I don't eat bacon, I don't eat sausage, oatmeal looked dry, I dont eat ham, bagels looked okay, lactose intolerant, and the eggs looked like they were alive... Coffee and bagel it is! I looked around for Rob, John, James, or Ed, seeing if they didn't ditch me so they could go out to like McDonalds or something. I glanced over to the back entrance and saw Ed talking to...Fuck, A policeman...and er woman. Well my "lawyer" said he was going to come right? I sure hope so or else I'm going to punch a wall. Ed noticed me looking at him, and pointed right. At. Me. That bitch couldn't save a brother?
"Hello," the male cop said when he reached me. "I'm Officer Bradshaw and this is my partner Officer Blooth."

"Hey," I said sipping my coffee. "You're here too... Interrogate me correct?"

"Silly bo-"

"I'm not a boy, I don't look like a little 14 year old boy, so dont fucking call me a boy!"

I looked over at Blooth who's hand grazed her taser.

"Sorry Mr. Iero," Bradshaw said rubbing his face. "Uhm, no we just want to know what happened last night from your point of view. We would like all the facts."

"Can we wait until my lawyer gets here?"

"No, your lawyer does not need to be here for this. It's just between you and I."

I looked at the coppers and studied them. Bradshaw was a lanky fellow with a very square jaw, and Blooth was a short stalky woman.

"Well why the fuck not? I didnt do anything to a single fucking fan! I played a shitty show at a shitty venue with my shitty band then i got into our shitty van drove to this shitty hotel and ran to my shitty room so i can sleep in my shitty bed," I yelled slamming the coffee mug on the table. "Does that sound like i did anything to a fucking fan?!"

"Hello Mr. Iero, Officers," I heard Gerard's voice call behind me. "How are we doing today?"

I turned to face the bastard that will be helping me save my butt. He was hard to miss with his FUCKING VIBRANT RED HAIR! What lawyer DOES that? He also had this vibe of sophisticated all over him, and it irked me, his facial expression was all "Look at me I save peoples asses from jail and can afford five-hundred dollar suits!" That pansy.

"Fucking peachy" I spat in his face. "You said you'd get here within the hour. No you are LATE! What type of lawyer shows up late?!"

"Mr. Iero," He said calmly. "I can assure you that i am not late but on time. For you see our phone call was almost forty-five minutes ago. I am within the hour."


Gerard completely ignored my comment and placed his attention on Officer Bradshaw. "Hello," he said extending his arm to the cop. "I'm Gerard Way, Frank's lawyer. Did I miss anything?"

"Obviously not your hair," I said rolling my eyes.

"Mr. Iero, you shouldn't be making comments about someone who is trying to save your ass," Gerard said with a shitload of sass in his tone. "Especially about my hair."

"I'm sorry I didn't know my lawyer was a fucking girl!"

"That is enough Mr. Iero."

"I was handeling things a whole lot fucking better before you showed up!"

"Oh Frank, did my good looks fluster you? Are you twitterpatted?"

I felt my cheeks heat up and I immediately looked down. Fuck he was right about his good looks, and his newfound sassy attitude Quickly glancing up at the cops, i noticed they were both ready to tase me at any moment. Fuck. My. Life.
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