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Ladies and Gentlemen: Auditions!

by MyNomDePlume 10 reviews

It's all in the title, darlings!

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So I want to write a story about the boys of Panic! (that’s why it’s in the Panic! At the Disco category, duh). Basically, the boys and a few of their friends are shipped off to a boarding school where teachers try to “fix” gay, lesbian, and bisexual kids from ages 12 to 18.

Audition Parts:
4 New students
3 Old students
1 Old Student who was “broken” by the school

Audition Requirements:
Style of Clothing (Use Polyvore if you can):
How your character found out they were gay/bisexual/lesbian:
Who applied them to the school:

All the parts are very important so I want to fill all of them!

xoxo Liz
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