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Well, why not.

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Real name Laura, but you can call me Terry.

Username Are you actually joking?

Gender Last time I checked, male of the fe kind (I'm a girl.)

Country Engurland, mingerland, middle fingerland.

City I'd prefer not to disclose, thank you very much.


Relationship status Ooh, it's like a dating site. Well, I'm single and ready to mingle, sugar.

Picture of yourself A pretty self explanatory picture of myself.¤t=douchebag.jpg

(I blurred my school uniform logo because I'm so stranger-danger aware)

Favourite musicians/bands WELL LET'S SEE. My Chemical Romance, Green Day, You Me at Six, Dizreali, The Smiths, Pencey Prep, my own band Bass and a Drumkit (its literally me scraping my way through a few classics on a bass and my mate banging away the only rhythm she knows - early days, people, EARLY DAYS!!), Nirvana, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Funkadelic (FTW!) Avenged Sevenfold, Laura Marling and I also like some Beethoven once in a while.

Favourite movies Lord of the Rings trilogy, Aliens trilogy, Matrix trilogy, Terminator trilogy, Donnie Darko, IF, Suckerpunch, The Graduate, Starter for 10, Rear Window, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill 2, Brokeback Mountain (mmm buttsex), Scott Pylgrim, Serenity, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL (i'm still practically a child) and anything by Disney. Or Quentin Tarantino. I'm so diverse!

Favourite TV shows Scrubs, Smallville, Terminator, Firefly, Death Note, Friends, Xounan Showdown (never heard of it? FUCK YOU!)

Favourite books The Umbrella Academy, CHEW, Skulduggery Pleasant, Animal Farm, The Catcher in the Rye - just see the stack of comic books under my bed.

Heroes My parents, my sister, my best friend Anna, Nelson Mandela, Frank the Bunny, John Dorian and Chris Turk, Donnie Darko, Holden Caulfield, Gerard Way, Frank Iero and Billie fuckin' Joe Armstrong.

Bandoms MCR. Nothing more, nothing less.

Pairings you ship Frerard, gotta love that, and just to piss you off Gerard x Lindsey BECAUSE IT'S RIGHT.

In your oppinion, what is the best story on ficwad you've ever written? Toss up between 19 and The Routine.

You're favourite authors on here scarlett_fitch2027, CatscanFlyy, Haze, innocentwolves, writingechelon, Shiwoggi, lostmyfearoffalling.

You're favourite fics on here One for Sorrow and Cannibal by CatscanFlyy, Die School Musical by scarlett, Envision the Magic by innocentwolves, Arctic Flower by writingechelon, Crash Site for Stargazers by Haze and Send in the Clowns by lostmyfearoffalling.

Ficwad authors you think have cool personalities scarlett, who I've put up with for 13 years of my life so I know her pretty well, CatscanFlyy, ShadowSouls, ilovefrankiero or whatever her name is (rosie) - I'm a bit of a recluse so that's it.

Sample of your writing

From The Routine:

“-Frank, look.”

Frank’s eyes drift towards his partner and he smiles like a child being presented with candy as Gerard opens the case revealing twenty thousand dollars in fresh, crisp notes. He reaches his hand out to touch it, just to touch, to fulfil his fantasies and warm the dark, cold empty space inside him but Gerard slaps it away and he shrinks back into his shirt.

“No touching,” he scolds. “Not until we get out of town.” Then he checks the watch on his wrist even though there’s a grandfather clock in the corner and his lips move without forming words like he’s calculating something, he does this all the time.

“Did he scream?” Frank says, trying to hide the smile creeping up through his skin.

Gerard slams the briefcase shut and spins on his heel, walking into the bathroom down the hall. Frank pretends not to care that he didn’t answer his question. The sound of water running from taps fills the house. He closes his eyes and imagines the blood mingling with it, dyeing the white of the sink blotchy orange. Then, Gerard will curse to himself because he made a stain and there can be no traces, everything must be perfect so he grabs the soap and scrubs furiously until the orange is all gone. And Frank knows this because it happens every time and he’s seen it all before and it’s all routine, all of it. Gerard never lets him to the jobs, no, always says no; “You stay here and wait, flower.”

The water stops and he opens his eyes, stares at the brief case on the table. He thinks of the blood and he thinks of the screams and he thinks of Gerard with his shining eyes and hollow smile and he wonders whether the next town they go to will be sunnier than here. And Frank realises he’s sick of staying, sick of waiting and it’s his turn to try and feel those sweet notes against his fingers, flower.

“Come, Frankie,” Gerard says, re-entering the room. Even though Frank can’t see him he knows he’s changed his suit and his hat and his hands are holding their bags – one for clothes, one for the guns and the knives and other things he won’t let Frank touch - and wearing brown leather gloves, just in case the blood is still stuck in his nails and Frank wonders how long they’ve been doing this for. His eyes are bright and gleaming in the dark of the hallway and then he reaches his hand out to touch Frank’s shoulder, just in case this time is different and Frank decides that no, he won’t go with him.

But he always does.

That's All Folks!

P.S may i just say the whole 'fuckwaddian' thing is MINE, not my sisters!!! XD
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