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Pretty Big Announcement....

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Yeah. It's pretty big.

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Thanks to the help of my English teacher and my dear Abbie Hudson, I have decided that I'm gonna write a book and because I'm a skittish bad-ass, also work on writing an album.

I do want to form a band in later life, preferably called "Adventures of a Lonely Lesbian" because it's awesome. Seeing as its the only thing I can really do, vocalist is taken.
The first album will be called "Vampire Abbey" because it's a name I thought of and really liked. Don't ask....

And the book. Oh yeah. It'll basically be a much more extended and different version of my English project. The myth. I implore you to go read it and review and tell me if it's novel material.

The reason these crazy ideas are in my head are because of my English teacher. Ms. Proven her. She wrote in my school report that "Claire's fiction is ready to be published" and I went "eh, why the fuck not". So yeah.

Tell me what you think of these ideas of mine and if you disapprove, I'll flip you off and strut away to go type.

Oh, another thing- Does anyone live in London? When I'm 18, I'm moving to London to begin my musical escapades and writing journey. And I sorta wanna know if there is anyone there so I can at least have someone to talk to.

-Jinxxy xxxxx
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