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That Doesn't Taste Normal

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Steven meets a beautiful woman who ends up surprising him in his dressing room :)

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First time fanfic writer please tell me how i did :D Idk why i even wrote this but i lost focus at the end. That's why it ended weirdly :)

On stage Steven and the band were doing their thing, and having a good time like usual. Joey was pounding on his drums, Tom walked around as confident as could be, Joe started to slide off his sweat drenched shirt, and Steven , like he did every performance, peered over the stage to look at the women in the front row. That night he only saw a few who caught his eye.
Out the few was one who had pulled all his attention from, the others. She was a lengthy woman about six feet tall with heels, and had beach blonde hair that went down to the end of her shoulder blades. Her eyes shot up at Steven, looking right through him with her sky blue irises. Also, the outfit she had chosen evoked plenty of unpure thought in Steven's mind. She wore a low cut tube top showing her small, but noticeable navel piercing, and in the back next to her underwear line, her Aerosmith tattoo. her pink, plaid skirt came up about ten inches aboce the knee right above where her white, netted stockings with pink bows started crawling down her leg.
Steven spent the whole show singing to her and fantasizing about every inch of her. By the last song he had to have this beautiful woman. Walking off stage , he grabbed one of the workers and demanded him to find the woman and bring her to his dressing room. The man knew he had to work quickly, or Steven would be unhappy.
`The worker found this mysterious woman and told her he would upgrade her to a once in a lifetime back stage pass. She accepted the offer immediately. She was extremely excited to be able to meet the band members.
The man directed her straight to Steven's dressing room and told her to wait at the door and Steven would tell her to go in. as the man said, she stood there waiting and wondered what was going to happen. She got more and more excited as time went by. Her eagerness finally caused her to open the door without permission and burst into Steven's dressing room.
She looked around and shortly realized that no one was there. Even though Steven was not there her curiosities drove her to start exploring the dressing room. She rummaged through various clothes and accessories completely in shock because hse could not believe what she was doing. Walking along the wall of his closet she found a door. She was very tempted to open it, but was extremely nervous, because as she listened closely she heard some sort of noise coming from what ever was on the other side.
The strange woman weighed her options and thought she would never get this opportunity again. She slowly turned the handle and pushed the door completely open, realizing what the weird sound was. Her heart was pounding fast as she saw the warm water of Steven's shower running down his back. She stood there silently astonished by the sight of Steven's bare back side. She analyzed every shoulder freckle, crease, bump, mark, and muscle on his visible body.
She took a step forward and the door slammed behind her, causing Steven to jump around and look at her. Both in complete surprise started rambling on with, "I'm sorry's" and "How'd you get in?". Silence filled the room and Steven decided to speak.
"Um, hello? How'd you get in here?"
"Well, the other man said... Um.. I... Walked... um in."
"It's okay. I'm not mad, I asked for you. I didn't expect you this early, but since you are here, Hi I'm Steven. What's your name?"
"Oh, um I'm... I'm Tori."
"May I ask why you are so jumpy?"
"Well... um... you're kind of... um naked."
"Oh yeah, don't mind all this. Maybe it will make you a little more comfortable if you joined?"

(She had thought about it many time. She did want to but was too nervous to focus.)

"Uh. Um. (sigh)"
"Okay, I get it, you don't like me like that. You just like my music."
"No, no, no, I want to! I'm just really nervous."
"Do you want me to help you get in? You don't have to be scared I don't bite."
"I think I can do it."

Tori pulled down her stockings slowly one at a time. At that moment Steven could feel the adrenaline that is usually followed by a hard on. By the time she was finished undressing Steven was well ready.
Tori walked into the shower while Steven pulled their body's together to where their chests touched. "Your skin is smooth. I like how it feels against mine." Steven silenced he sentence by occupying her mouth with a passionate kiss. He moved down her neck, to her chest and stopped at the most pleasurable spots. As his lips drug down her stomach, Tori began to relax and fall under his spell. While Steven lingered on her thighs, she knew he was teasing her
Tori pulled Steven up from his knees and planted another sensual kiss on his voluptuous lips. As they kissed Steven adjusted Tori on him, and sit her back against the wall. He applied the perfect amount of pressure in each movement. Just enough not to hurt her. The pleasurable rhythm started a series of heavy breathing.
While things progressed Tori's legs wrapped around Steven's back, just above his hips. Tori continued with her quiet panting, but on the other hand Steven was much louder than her. Tori enjoyed his intense moaning and groaning. She felt one of his hands inch slowly up from her back, to the back of her head. He had a tight grip on her hair, which pleased her.
Tori was trying her best not to make a sound, but with the delightful job Steven was doing, it was almost impossible. motions had sped up and Tori lest a full-mouthed moan out. Steven did nothing but smile at his achievement. The embarrassment turned her pale skin bright red.
Motions were moving very much faster than they had began. Both felt each other's body tensing up on one another's. Tori ran her hand across Steven's upper back feeling each individual muscle clench. Steven did not care about amount of pressure or pacing his speed. He put everything he had to force a loud yell from both Tori and him.
He pulled out and distributed the last of himself in Tori's mouth. She looked up at sSteven and busted into laughter. Steven said completely confused' "What's so funny? Why are you laughing at me?"
Tori laughed so hard tears came falling out of her eyes, "Ahahaha! Why do you taste like strawberries?!"
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