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Star Crossed love #12

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The next week and a half fly by, and I couldn’t be happier. Gerard has slept over almost every night, my mom loves him. My mom has also gone out of her way to plant me a garden and buy me multiple outfits. Gerard has been over every night for dinner when my mom has cooked, and my mom finally admitted to liking him. Gerard and I spent most of the nights laughing and getting drunk, and I am starting to think I love him.

“Mom don’t worry I will be fine. I have been. Thank you so much for being here with me in this time” I say hugging my mom. She pats my back and starts to cry.

“I hate leaving you baby girl. Come visit me soon promise?” She says whipping her eyes. I smile and nod. She gives me a kiss on the cheek and grabs her bags.
“Fly safe mom, call me the moment you get home!” I demand. My mom laughs
“Oh honey of course I will! Now don’t let that boy hurt you Johanna, I don’t want to pick up anymore pieces! And make sure you water your plants every day!” She says giving me one last hug and a kiss.
“Of course mama” I kiss her cheek and watch as she walks towards security. I am going to miss my mom. Having her here was a blast. I sigh and walk out of the airport and get ready for the long drive ahead of me.

When I arrive home I see Gerard is parked in front of my house, his window down and smoke coming from the car. I smile. I pull into the drive way and before I can open my door he is already opening it for me.
“How did it go?” He asks taking my hand helping me out of the car.
“Fine” I reply. I walk up to the door and unlock it. Once we are inside Pickles goes crazy, jumping up and down acting like he hasn’t seen me in years. I laugh and lean down and pet him. I walk into the kitchen and open the fridge and stare at the food I have.
“Spaghetti good for dinner?” I ask pulling some meat out of the fridge. I look over and Gerard is petting Pickles.
“Spaghetti good for dinner?” I ask again. Gerard looks up smiling.
“Of course” He walks over to me and raps his arms around my waist and snuggles his head into my neck. I smile. He slowly starts to kiss my neck. Damn that feels good. I turn around and wrap my arms around his neck and look into his hazle eyes. He leans in and gives me a peck on the lips.
“I wanna do something tonight” I say happily. Gerard gives me his mischievous smile and I already know that he is thinking.
“No not that! I wanna go bowling” I say turning around turning the oven on. I hear Gerard sigh.
“I suck at bowling” he responds.
“Me too, but I havn’t been in years I wanna go tonight. You should call invite the band” I suggest.
“Yeah, okay I will” He walks into the other room and I hear him on the phone. I smile and continue to brown the hamburger.
“They are up for it” Gerard says coming back into the kitchen placing the phone on the counter. I go over to the sink and start to fill up a pan with water.
“Want to start making the sauce?” I ask.
“Sure” Gerard goes into the fridge and grabs tomatoes and other essentials.
“Woa what are you doing? I have ragu sauce in the pantry” –Me
“Oh hell no I’m not doing that, my mom taught me how to make things right” He says chopping up some tomatoes. I shrug and continue cooking the hamburger and start boiling the noodles.

We sit down for a dinner and begin eating. I take a bite. My taste buds go to heaven and sing in harmony.
“Oh my god! Gerard! What this is so good!” I say while swallowing. Gerard just looks up and smiles.
“Told you I wasn’t gunna do some Ragu shit” He takes a bite and smiles. I giggle and continue to eat more.

We arrive at the bowling at around 8:00. The rest of the guys are nowhere to be seen. I lean up against the brick building and pull out a cigarette and give one to Gerard.
“Are they always late?” I ask lighting my cigarette. Gerard shrugs.
“They probably just got into their game and lost track of time, I’m sure they will be here” He takes the lighter from me and lights his cigarette. I look over at him and smile.
“You’re so beautiful Johanna” Gerard says grabbing my hand and taking a drag. I can feel myself blush. He leans in and gives me a kiss on the my head. I smile and get chills.
“You cold?” He asks.
“No I am fine”
Gerard nods and takes another drag letting the smoke out of his lungs. I giggle.
“What?” He asks.
“You just look like a dragon when you do that” I say taking a drag aslo. Gerard laughs and takes a deep drag and blows out more smoke.
“See if there is a knight around to slay me”-Gerard.
“I think you have to be guarding a princess in a castle first”-Me.
“Well I do have a beautiful girl right here that could be a princess” he says standing in front of me.
“What if I don’t want a knight to save me?” I say putting out my cigarette. Gerard half smiles and gives me a passionate kiss. I close my eyes and feel like I am on cloud nine again.
“That’s a new one, princess falling in love with the dragon?” He says pulling away.
“Well….if it was one sexy, nice, funny, musically talented dragon she would” I laugh. He smiles again and pulls me into a kiss.

“Oh get a room!” I hear a voice say. Gerard lets me out of his embrace and I look over his shoulder and see Ray. I smile.
“Hey Ray” I say walking up to him. Mikey and Frank Join him.
“Damn it Ray! You shouldn’t have stopped it! If you would have waited a little longer I bet we could have seen more” Frank says winking. I blush. Mikey punches him.
“Dude! “ Frank says rubbing his arm. I laugh and so does everyone else.

We walk into the bowling alley and are surrounded by the smell of popcorn and the sound of pins being knocked down. Gerard puts his arm around my shoulders and we walk up to the counter.
“We would like to play a game, we are all paying separately though” I say pulling my wallet out of my purse. The red headed man behind the counter nods.
“For you, no charge” he says winking at me. I blush.
“Thanks!” I say putting my wallet back into my purse. I look up at Gerard who is giving him a death glare and I realize I have just been given a freebee by another guy.
“Everyone else owes $2.00” the guy says. Everyone pulls out their money and pays the man, Gerard hands over his money and slams it in the guys hand.
“What size shoe?” He asks me leaning way to far over the counter.
“8 please” I say. He nods and turns around and grabs me a pair.
“Very feminine shoe size, I bet you just have lovely feet to massage” he winks and me again. Who the hell is this creep?! Gerard glares at him again and gives him his shoe size.
“Wow…well you know what they say about small feet….and hands...I have a size 13 shoe” he says winking at me again. I roll my eyes and Gerard clenches his fist.
“Dude, they are dating! You probably have a small penis but you must have some big balls to be saying that to her fucking boyfriend!” Ray says standing in front of Gerard. “Now get us the rest of our fucking shoe sizes and back the fuck off”.
The guy behind the counter gets a deer in the headlight look and gets everybody shoe sizes and as we are about to walk away he winks at me one more time signaling for me to call him. I politely give him the finger and grab Gerard’s hand and walk off toward lane 16.
I sit down and begin putting my shoes on.
“What the hell was that guys problem? He is lucky I didn’t punch his fucking face in” Gerard says angrily. My heart jumps hearing him say that. He is being protective of me? I smile and get butterflies.

“Gingers have no souls man!” Frank says. I finish tying my shoe and glare at him.
Franks gets and anxious look on his face “Except for you Johanna, you are one Ginger with a soul!” He flashes a bright smile and I just laugh.
“Gerard Just ignore it, we all know how you get when your pissed off we don’t want to see that” Mikey says. Gerard just nods and runs his fingers through his hair. How is he when he gets mad? Oh god please don’t let it be like Chad…
“Im gunna take all you suckas down!” Ray says standing up and picking up a bowling ball. I laugh.
“I think its gunna be the other way around” I say standing up and taking the ball out of his hands.
“You have no idea how competitive we are Jo” Mikey says peeking over his glasses.
“and YOU have no idea how competitive I am” I say walking up to the lane. I concentrate and roll the ball, it goes straight down the middle. STRIKE! I turn around with a smug look on my face and all the guys have their mouths open.
“Beginers luck!” Gerard says grabbing the ball and going up. 1 gutterball and a split he comes and sits down next to me. I laugh.
“I’m just warming up” He says.

Several laughs and intense teasing sessions later the game is over. Gerard scored 78 points. Frank Scored 83, Mikey scored 89, Ray scored 120 and I scored 150.
“That was bull!” Ray says taking off his shoes.
“Don’t hate the player hate the game” I say patting my chest. Ray rolls his eyes.
“Next time you’re going down” he says putting on his other shoes. I laugh.
“Gerard I approve, anyone who can beat Rays ass at a game has my respect” Frank compliments. Ray glares at him. “Sorry dude but you’re cocky as hell when you win it gets annoying”
“Well she may be good at bowling but I KNOW I own at Mario cart” Ray challeneges.
“Oh really? We will see about that” I say.
“Oh it is on, come over and I’ll make you cry!”-Ray
“Ray! Come one man she’s my girlfriend”-Gerard
“Hey, she is part of the group now, I don’t have to go easy on her”-Ray. I smile. He said I am part of their group. I do a little happy dance inside.

We begin to head out the door when I hear a whistling, I turn around and see it is the red headed guy again. I walk up to the counter.
“What do you want?!” I ask annoyed.
“You know us redheads are a dying out, less that 2% of the Earth population has red hair, we could increase that population if you know what I mean…” he winks at me. My mouth drops open and just as I am about to say something Gerard is at my side.
“Dude…SHUT THE FUCK UP! This is MY girlfriend, she is taken knock it the fuck off before I knock your teeth in!” Gerard yells. The guys steps back from the counter. Gerards face is red and a vein in his neck is popping out…oh gosh am I going to see mad Gerard? I glance over at Mikey, Ray, and Frank who are just shaking their heads. Mikey mouths “This guy is gunna get it” I gulp and glance back up at Gerard.
“Oh yeah she is beautiful like she is going to stay with an emo ass like you for long” He scoffs. I feel my blood start to boil.
“Okay dick face NO ONE says shit like that about my BOYFRIEND. He is more than you will ever be, and guess what I am with him and not you! So back off! We will not be back here! And I will be calling the manager!” I grab Gerards arm and pull him towards the door but his feet are glued to the floor.
“Gee damn, you can have her. But if you want bro I have some roofies in my pocket if you need something to knock her hyperactive ass out later so you can do your thing” He winks again. I barely have enough time to look back at Gerard before he is over the counter beating the crap out of the guy. I step back and watch in awe. Mikey and Frank jump over the counter and pull Gerard off of him. The manager comes over screaming at us to get out and never come back. Ray leads me toward the door.
I look behind me and see Frank and Mikey hopping over the counter with Gerard. Gerards face is red and his nose is bleeding.
Once we are out the doors Gerard takes off down the side walk, I chase after him until I feel a hand pull me back.
“Let him cool off Johanna, he isn’t himself right now” Mikey says. I nod and watch him walk down the street and turn the corner.
I don’t know if I should be mad or happy? Happy because he stuck up for me and beat the living shit out of some stranger to defend me and make sure everyone knew I was his. Or Mad because he has anger problems too just like Chad. I bite my lip and contemplate the too.
“Why don’t you go home? He is going to be embarrassed and pissed off when he comes back and you don’t want to see that. I’ll drop him back off at your house” Mikey suggest I nod.
“And Jo, don’t worry he only hits people he hates, no one he loves” Frank says pulling out a cigarette.
I nod “Thanks guys. I Had fun tonight, I’ll see you later” I say pulling out my keys and start heading towards my car.
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