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Could you sign this photograph? 'Cause I'm your biggest fan.

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Gerard is an artist, his boyfriend, Frank's father owns an art museum...will Frank Sr. accept Gerard art or his relationship with frank?

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I looked around the gallery, every item and painting in its place. Except I feel like something was missing. The new up and coming artist I begged my father to showcase. He was a talented artist, and I really want to feature him in my, well my dad's, art museum. Looking for him, I tapped my tattooed fingers along my top lip, the action I do whilst thinking. The artist isnt that hard to miss, with short bright red hair and all. My father looked over at me worried.

"Is some thing wrong son?" he asked, grabbing two glasses of champagne off of a tray that a server with extremely fuzzy hair was holding as they walked by. "Because your tapping is extremely inappropriate."

"I'm sorry sir, I'm just a little nervous," I said rubbing my face. 

"Drink some champagne it'll calm you down."

He extended a glass in my direction and I took it without argument. I heard that the artist is a recovering alcoholic, but my dad (who paid for the gala) insisted there be drinks. Walking over to my favorite piece, a comic-book style like drawing of a boy saluting and looking up and posters of what looked to be John F Kennedy all over the place. 

"Good isn't it?" someone besides me said as they examined the picture. 

"It is, I say that this artist has great talent. What was his name again, Jerald Path I believe?"

"Very funny Frank."

"I'm kidding babe," I giggled walking to my boyfriend. "I was looking all over for you!" 

"Yeah, that was the point."

"What do you mean?"

"Does your dad know about...well us?"

"No, but I was go-"

He cut me off. "Exactly, I don't want to ruin my chances of being put into a popular museum like your fathers by having him find out I'm dating his son."

"Gerard. Calm down, my father is very open minded. Plus he loves me with all of his heart. The whole reason why you are showcased tonight was because I told him about you, and the final decision on wether or not your art gets put in depends on me."

The vibrant red-head let go if the breath I didn't know he was holding, and grabbed my hand. I giggled and glanced at my dad. 

"Oh and sugar, I was going to tell dad tonight. But no, I think you should."

"What do you mean?" he asked looking worriedly at me. "I couldn't, he wouldnt want me then."

A female server came up ad offered Gerard a drink, he giggled and turned it down with a polite 'No thank you.'

"Dude, a lot of artists in his museum are gay. I've been to every single gala and have met every single artist and their partner, wether they were straight or gay. In five minutes my dad will make a speech and introduce you to everyone, you will be allowed to say a few words to everyone then daddy will ask me halfway through if I like you."

"Well what do you want me to say? 'Thank you Mr. Iero for setting all this up, but mostly my boyfriend. Without him there wouldn't even be a gala. I love you Frankie!' and blow you a kiss?"

"That works." I chuckled as I separated our hands and patted his back. "I have to go and take my place on the stand, you sit in the front row okay?"

"Okay, love you."

"Love you too."

I walked back champagne still in hand, so I called the fuzzy haired server over. 

"Musician life not enough for you Toro?" I chuckled putting my glass back on the tray. 

"If I need to pay for this months rent its not."

I shook my head and talked with Ray for a little bit. I haven't talked to the man since college, so it felt nice to catch up. Checking the time I told him I had to go on the stand, and help introduce the artist. 

Taking my spot on the small stage next to my father, I looked right at Gerard and smiled. Quickly flashing him the 'okay' sign, my dad got up to speak.

"Attention, attention everyone," he said and everyone stopped their mingling and criticising. "If you all could take your seats, we will be starting shortly."

Everyone piled in and looked around, probably trying to figure out who the artist is. I'm so lucky I knew.

"Thank you. Well hello and welcome guests to my gala. We are here to showcase the talented artwork of Gerard Way, his drawings, paintings and some comics. He is a talented young man, who sadly I am yet to met, and if it wasn't for my son, Frank Iero Jr. , we all would probably be looking at someone else's art. So son, why don't you come up here and introduce Mr. Way?"

This couldn't have worked out better. Gerard didn't have to tell my dad or everyone else about us, I get to! I got out of my seat and walked to the mic and podium at the front of the stage. 

"Haha, thanks daddy. I didn't even get to come up with an introduction," I joked and earned a laugh from everyone. "Well, Gerard is a VERY talented artist so I am glad we got to showcase him. So everyone, please give a nice warm welcome to my boyfriend, Gerard Way."

A loud gasp emerged from everyone in the crowd, I think I even heard my dad gasp. Gerard stood up, and glared at me as I chuckled. He got on the stand and I grabbed his tie and pulled him into a kiss, and a loud 'aw' erupted. After I pulled away, I let Gerard make his speech and sat next to my father. 

"First things first, Frankie I may have to kill you now. Aside from that, uhm thank you all for coming really it means a lot to me. It's been my life long dream to at least be showcased. I mean, like, I've always loved art. It's one of my favorite things, I don't know where I'll be without it. Most likely wasting my life away in my parents basement, drinking and doing cocaine, 'cause like that's how I was for a little bit. Until I started to draw, drawing helped me get all my feelings out through paintings, and doodles, and comics. I can already tell some of you don't like my art, or me, whichever. But I know I have one fan for my art, and I love him like twenty times more for getting his dad to do this."

Gerard was really popular with the crowd, I noticed by the way they held onto each one of his words. About halfway through, as I predicted, my dad leaned over and asked the all important question.

"So Frankie," he chuckled, because he probably knew my answer. "Do you like him?"

"Yes daddy, a lot. And you're okay with... The two of us, right?"

"He's a nice boy, I love how he gave up his old life style just so he could be an artist. Just the man I want for my son."

"You're the best, Dad."

Once Gee finished, I grabbed his hand and pulled him down to kiss his cheek. 

"By the way, you're in."

He turned his head and pecked my lips. I was real excited for Gerard, his dream was coming true. When my dad, Gerard, and i finally made it off the stage we were swarmed by crowds of people. 

"Frank," my dad called, as he turned away from whoever he was talking to. "Send Gerard over here, I want to have an idle chitchat with him. Plus I would love to met your boyfriend."

I nodded and grabbed the fake blonde with pale skin and red lips server,the one who offered Gerard a drink. He was talking to her and I could tell the conversation wasn't pleasant, for Gerard at least. So I pulled her aside,  telling her Ray wanted company, she nodded and walked over to Forever Alone Toro. 

"Thanks Frank," he said kissing my cheek. "So what do you need?"

"Dad wants to meet you."

"As his son's boyfriend or as an artist?"

"Try both baby," I giggled linking our fingers together. He sighed as we walked over to my dad, who was smiling pretty big at us. 

"Hello Mr. Iero, it is such a pleasure to finally meet you," Gerard said extending his free hand. "The way Frank has been talking about you made me wish this day would come sooner."

Dad extended his own hand, and gave Gerard his firmest shake. When they ceased shaking hands I let go of Gee's hand and slipped my arm around his waist, his arm resting along my back. 

"The pleasure is all mine son. Now tell me about yourself, considering Frank here has only told me that you're an extremely talented artist," Dad said leading us to a bench in front of one of the lesser popular paintings. "Which you are."

"Thank you sir," Gerard said coolly when I could tell his insides were jumping, escorting me to my seat. "Well, I'm 34, I love coffee, Frank, and art. I used to be really depressed, and if it wasn't for your son, my brother and his longtime girlfriend, and art, I'd still be hiding out in the dark cave. I used to be heavy into drugs, like anti-depressants, I started cocaine, and i was starting to get suicidal. Frank says the worse was when I was drunk or stoned all the time. Every second of the day pretty much i had a beer. In fact Frank was the one who found me at this one barbecue we were having and I staggered off, I like passed out on a bench. Anyways he got me up and I just said three words, 'I'll get better.' The next week everyone helped me clean out my room of alcohol, coke, pills, and we rediscovered my art. That's when I found out I wanted to be an artist. I was twenty-seven when all of that happened. Oh and frank and I have been dating for... Five years and...eight months?"

"Five years and seven," I chuckled, resting my head against his shoulder. "You're counting the month of our first unofficial date."

My dad chuckled, and that's when I realised they needed to be alone. I nodded and kissed Gerard's cheek. When I parted from them I made sure to stay where I can still see them. 

I talked with a few of my dad's associates and other artists that have been showcased before. I felt someone tap my shoulder, and I gave them a "1 second" sign. I was still talking to someone, and it's rude to turn my attention onto someone else. 

"Well it was nice talking to you sir," they said shaking my hand. 

"Same to you."

I turned and faced the person who kept tapping my shoulder. Jamia Nestor, a girl who had a crush on me since ninth grade.

"Oh my gosh, FRANKIE!" she squealed throwing her arms around me. 

"Hi Jamia," I said completely bored and uninterested, in fact I didn't even hug her, I just stood. 

"How are you cranky Frankie?"

"My nickname says it all. I'm. Cranky."

"But why? I swear whenever we're together you're cranky."

I turned and looked at my dad and Gerard, they were shaking hands and Gerard had the biggest grin on his face. "I wonder why," I spat walking back to my boyfriend. 

"Okay by Frankie!" she called after me. That idiotic girl just won't get it through her head will she?

As I got closer to the two most important men in my life, my dad pointed at me and smiled. Gerard turned around placed one hand on me waist, since the other had a diet coke, and kissed my cheek. I turned my head the slightest bit so our lips connected. This moment was perfect, nothing could possibly change that, unless you know Gee got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. We've talked about that, many times, but we knew that we had to get my dad to like him first, then have him meet my mom. Which could also lead to meeting grandma and grandpa. Anyways, I wish Jamia was here, and that server girl, to see this. Their reactions would be classic. 

I pulled away, and quickly nipped at his nose. "I love you Gerard."

"I love you too, Frank. And thank you so so so so SO much for this." 

"It was nothing babe, really."


As the gala started to close Gerard and I were trying to figure out which piece of art should go in the museum. 

"I keep telling you Gee, 'Demolition Lovers' was the most popular one here. Think about it in a museum, and in stead of 50 people looking at it, 500 people all through out the day." 

"I don't know Frankie. It's a little dark for a museum don't you think? Kids may go on a field trip and see this very painting and have nightmares about it."

"You know I'm a tour-guide, so when I stop my group at it I'll tell them it's a work of art that tells the story of two people in love and how they are ready to face the trials the everyday life has to throw at them," I said grabbing both of his hands with mine. "But they know that as long as they have each other they can make it."

Gerard chuckled and pecked my lips, his sign of defeat. "You win this time Iero."

My dad joined us, placing a hand on both of our backs. 

"So have we reached a decision boys?" he asked with a tone of humor. "Or will I have to pick it out  because you two were busy doing other things."

I laughed nervously, where as Gerard turned as red as his hair.

"Demolition Lovers," I said to my dad. "the one near the front of the boy and girl looking at each other, covered in blood."

"I was hoping you would pick that one! It was such a crowd pleaser, it will do a good job at the museum." 

"Oh daddy, is there anyway my tours can stop at it?"

"Frank I wouldn't want any other guide stopping there."

Gerard and I smiled at that, as my dad left us and directed the movers around the now empty studio. My boyfriend directed me to a bench, and sat us down. I leaned in and started to kiss his cheek over and over again, before holding his face and kissing his lips the same way. Gerard's hands were placed on my shoulder and on my hip, and he pressed his lips onto mine with the same amount of force. He poked his tongue out and swiped it along my bottom lip  and I opened my mouth slightly. The warm muscle mapped out my mouth, and Gerard started to run it against my teeth. I pulled away for air, but our lips still touching, gasping slightly. 

"Son is Gerard going to be coming over ton- Oh," my dad said to us, and I guess noticed we were in a heated moment. "uhm...or are you going to his?"

Gerard and I quickly Kissed again before pulling away one final time. I rested my head against his chest and he held me. 

"Well, I don't want mom to find out the awkward way. So I guess we might go to ours, for a proper introduction."


Gerard left at about one o'clock. We were snuggling at the moment, and he realised he needed to tell his mom and brother the good news. 

"I'll see you tomorrow?" he asked pulling on his pants. 

"Sure. Starbucks, I'll pay?" I said helping him with his shirt. 

"You already did enough, how about I pay."

I kissed his nose, "Fine."

After he got dressed he pecked my lips one more time and left me alone with my thoughts. Mom adored him, already referring him as the perfect son in law. That was such a good sign, and with Gee there I felt like my family was complete. 
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