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To The End

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part one

“Gerard, where are you?!” I kept silent, tiptoeing slowly in an attempt to defer him from my route through the dark trees, hoping to gain some distance between me and my pursuer. A single crack of a twig underfoot and he altered his direction, now heading straight towards me. I panic, breaking into a sprint and crashing blindly through the long grass hoping to reach the safety of the lit path I know is somewhere in front of me.

Within moments, two strong arms wrap around my waist and drag me to the ground where I’m pinned in an extremely undignified position. My trousers - having snagged on a small branch – are falling down and my hair is slicked back from my face with sweat.

“BULLDOG!” A gleeful voice screams from above me.

“Bulldog?” I break into a small giggle feeling the weight holding me down leave so I can push myself to my feet and drag my trousers back up.

“Yeah, it’s what English kids shout when they catch each other. It’s like a game of tag or kiss chase. But instead of smacking people, you tackle them.” We’re walking back to the path now, occasionally nudging each other into trees or posts and sidestepping the only other visitor to this park. Frank is patting his pockets when he suddenly stops. “Shit. I think my phone fell out when I took you down.” He looks up at me with a worried look on his face. “I’m just gonna’ run back and get it. Meet you at the gate in 10?”

I just nod and smile, letting him run back into the black abyss as I carry on silently, singing to myself in my head. I reach the bench and sit down as I begin humming and wait for Frank to return.

12 minutes later – not that I’m keeping time – he appears, slowly emerging from the darkness. He seems a bit slower than he usually is, but I just flash him a smile, “Tired?” He nods numbly but he doesn’t look at me. He’s glancing around aimlessly and I can’t help but ask him if he’s alright. Once again he just nods and I narrow my eyes in concern but let it drop as we set off once again.

We’re just past the tall green gates that mark the entrance of the park when he tackles me again. “BULLDOG!”

“What the hell, Frankie?! I thought we were done with that?” He’s not listening though, suddenly kissing me hard and short on my lips before picking himself off me and running off back into the park, sticking his tongue out at me and shouting “Bet you can’t catch me!”

My fingers automatically reach up to touch my own lips in shock as he retreats into the distance. I sit up when a shadow crosses my body on the ground. “Hey kid, you okay?” I’m being pulled to my feet by a stranger and I blink once – twice – before responding.

“Uh, yeah… playing tag with my friend.”

“Aren’t you a bit old for that?” His face crinkles into amusement as he takes my appearance in. His eyes are cast in shadow due to the hat placed on his head, but I swear I can see them glinting in the dim light.

I just shrug, mumbling a “S’pose so.” and a thanks before smiling meekly and turning to find Frank. After a few minutes of searching I find him hiding behind a tree and giggling, so I grab him and mutter “bulldog” as his giggling intensifies.

“You better run Gee, I’m ‘it’ now and I’m fast.” He grins, bearing his teeth and widening his eyes. “In fact, I’ll give you a head start, I’ll count to twenty.” He closes his eyes. “One, two – are you running? – three, four, f-” I run, not sure when this turned into a game of hide-and-seek but I don’t stop running until I can hear him no longer counting. I throw myself into a bush and out the other side back into the field where he caught me before.

I repeat my actions, tiptoeing as quietly as I can. I step on something hard and look down, seeing Frank’s phone resting in a dirt mound. My eyes screw up into confusion as I pick it up, wiping my half footprint off the top where I stood and slipping it into my pocket. It’s barely moments before I’m being tossed to the ground by an overly joyful Frank who’s screaming “bulldog” as loud as he possibly can.

Before I can pull myself to my feet and ask him about his phone, he’s on top of me, pinning my wrists above my head. The giggling subsides into something more serious as he leans closer, brushing our noses. I know what’s coming and turn my head to the side so his lips meet my cheek, but he grabs my face and looks me dead in the eyes. “Don’t struggle Gerard, I don’t want to hurt you.” I stop wriggling at that. Hurt me? I’m paralyzed in fear at the underlying threat in his words as his hand runs between us along my chest. His lips meet mine and it’s longing and desperate and oh-so-messy, but as his hand slips under my shirt trailing along my skin, I respond with just as much force.

My own hands lift to wrap around his neck but as I touch the skin on the side, he flinches. “Gerard, Gee, not there... I don’t know how- just, it’s so new- I don’t know what I’m doing, I just need to. Gee... .Gerard, do you trust me?” I can only nod, assuming he’s talking about us entwined as we are. I lift my head to kiss him again but he grabs my face again, twisting it sharply to the side and I yelp in pain. “Sorry, so sorry, I don’t want this to hurt, I just want- this, this needs to happen, I don’t want to be alone…” I’m confused until he sinks his teeth down into my neck and a sharp pain spreads down my body, followed quickly by pleasure and my vision goes black.

My eyes fly open to find Frank pulling at my belt buckle. My body doesn’t seem to want to move and my lips form soundless words as he pulls my jeans past my knees, my boxers following. My eyes widen as he pulls his own skinny jeans down, wriggling out of them and tossing them to the side. His shirt is already off and he lowers down on top of me again. Noticing my eyes open, he pouts. “I was out for 10 minutes, you pretty much blinked. That’s not fair.” He kisses me again, lips moulding together as I gradually get my senses back albeit a little fuzzy. I don’t know what I’m doing as I pull him closer, gripping his hips tightly. My neck stings where he bit me and I can feel all vision fading again quickly. I struggle to pull myself into reality as I slowly slip away into the comfort of black nothing.


My first thought is that I’m never drinking with Frank again. I’m flat on my back on the stairs up to his apartment with him slumped next to me. I can hear footsteps coming down the stairwell towards us and I shove Frank who groans quietly to himself. The old lady who lives down from him glares at us both as she passes, clearly disgusted at us. Ready to vomit, we hold on tightly to each other as we stumble up to our feet, trudging along to his place.

“Where’s your key?” I ask as he stands in front of the door looking thoroughly confused. He’s feeling round every pocket with his teeth gripping his lip in a deadly lock.

“They were in my jeans pock…” He fades away as he looks down, his eyebrows furrowing together in perplexity. “Uh, Gerard… why are you wearing my jeans?” My eyes dart straight down to my legs to realise he’s right, I’m in his jeans and he’s in mine. I shrug, reaching into both pockets to find the key. I pull it out almost proudly, gripping the cool metal in my fingers and twisting it in the lock.

As soon as I step past the door, my stomach churns and I race to the bathroom reaching the toilet bowl just in time to empty my guts. I stand up with blurred eyes, one hand pressed to my throbbing forehead, the other clutching my stomach. My eyes catch sight of myself in the mirror and I lean into it as Frank shouts at me. “I hate you Gerard Way! You got me drunk again when I distinctly told you not to! You’re a-”

“Hey Frankie, do you actually remember drinking anything last night? Because I don’t…” As soon as he appears at the door with a scowl fixed firmly on his face, I feel a wave of lust run through me and I remember everything. I grab his arms, pulling him towards me and in for a kiss. “Do you remember? Do you remember this?” I lick a stripe along the bruised cut that runs along his neck, causing him to shiver. He pushes me back, pressing me against the wall and trapping me with his body. Smirking, he pulls on my hair, before leaning into me with a whisper of “I do.”, his warm breath tickling my neck as he bites gently into my matching mark. I can feel him suck hard on the skin before my head sparks with pain. He pulls away at the same time with a groan and sinks to the floor, clutching his own head.

“What’s going on Gee?” he whispers, eyes welling with tears as all passion between us diminishes. I seat myself next to him, resting my head against his shoulder. “Why are we like this? You’re my friend. Just my friend. We’ve been just friends for years. What is it about this-” He pointed at his neck. “-that makes us act like this? Where did this come from?!”

“You bit me, that’s where this started for me.”

He smiles sadly, resting his own head on top of mine and running his fingers through his hair. “I remember that, I remember everything except for when I went to get my phone. I remember biting you, I remember getting you home when you passed out, and I remember climbing the steps here. I just don’t remember this fucking mark!”

“I have an idea; I just don’t want you to freak or anything or think I’m crazy.” Frank just blinks in an attempt to fight back tears, shrugging as I take a breath and will myself to carry on. “Well, you know like in films and stuff, when people find bites on their necks and like it creates this bond sort of thing, like what we are. Well maybe… I don’t know…”

“Vampires?” His eyes widen as he thinks about it, suddenly pulling us both to our feet. My head spins and I can see him pale, but he regains his composure as he pulls us along towards his room. I try to tug my arm free from his grip as I try and figure out his intentions, but I can’t. He’s always been stronger than me and now he’s got his head fixed on something. He throws me onto the bed and I panic, not feeling anything sexual towards him, but he just climbs over me to the other side, picking his laptop from the desk next to it and opening up the internet browser.

His fingers move quickly, eyes skimming through the pages as he takes in information. His eyes suddenly widen in disbelief as he spins the laptop towards me. “He comes up when I search vampires?! He’s a fucking fairy!” A picture of a sparkling Edward Cullen adorns the full screen and I laugh out loud, but Frank doesn’t see the humour. “Don’t fucking laugh, what if we sparkle? It might happen! That is, if we really are vampires. It makes sense except…” He suddenly pushes me from the bed. “Did it hurt?”

“Yes!” I stand up rubbing my butt from where I landed. “It did hurt thanks!”

“I wonder if we can fly.” He stares across at the window and I back away, shaking my head.

“No. No, we are not jumping out of the window. Don’t even try it.” He raises an eyebrow with a smirk fixed on his face. “No.” He just pouts, before standing up on the bed and leaping off towards me, flapping his arms manically. He lands, and trips towards me, so I move out of the way and let him tumble into the wall. I chuckle, “Seems you can’t walk through walls either, Frankie.”

He just growls in response, picking himself from the floor and rubbing his head. “Could have caught me.” He heads towards the bed again before stopping, his eyes lighting up. His eyes flicker between me and the window and I step back again. “Hey Gee…” I glare at him suspiciously, waiting for him to continue. “Do you think sunlight…?” He grabs me suddenly, forcing my hand out of the window into direct sunlight. I let out a piercing scream and start to writhe in pain, trying to yank my arm back inside. He stares at me in shock and pulls me back, sitting me on the bed. “GERARD! Gerard, shit, I’m so sorry. What is it? Burn? Do you need a cold compress? Uh, do you need a hospital? Shit! Oh fuck, fuck fuck! Are you crying? Oh God, don’t cry!” He’s mumbling quickly, his eyes wide and panic etched into his features. The tears leak down my cheeks as I collapse backwards onto the bed, laughing hysterically.

“I’m fine!” I choke out the two words as I try to catch my breath. “No burning, nothing. I was kidding with you. Just next time, please don’t stick my hand out of the window to satisfy your own curiosity.” I’m laughing again, earning myself a punch from Frank.
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