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You Can Run Away With Me Anytime Sugar

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Allie is a talented girl who has a abusive boyfriend and wants help. Will Gerard Way be that special someone that will help her?

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A/N Ok well the other stories I've been writing really suck sooo i thought of this one and i think this one will most likely be two series MAYBE! AND i WILL finish this one promise!!!! Sorry about the others sucking! i hope you guys like this one!!!!


I jumped out of bed to meet my huge wolf dog Aiden howling in my face. I pushed him of the bed yawning and Aiden whimpered.

“Well that’s what you get for screaming all up in my face boy.” I said. Aiden barked and licked my face to apologize.

I patted him of the head and said, “It’s ok boy I forgive you.” Aiden barked happily and ran to the living room.
Aiden is part Gray Wolf and Siberian husky. He has ebony fur and bright cobalt blue eyes. I got him at a shelter as soon as I got in college because my Mom always said she hated big dogs and that I could finally get one when I got into college. When I met Aiden was helping out at the local pet shelter in a town near Memphis TN a year ago. And that was where he and his siblings were born. But because his mother died right after labor and the liter couldn’t survive without their mother. So the lady had some people who wanted to buy the liter and the only one that was never picked was Aiden because even as a blind newborn pup he growled at everything. But when I picked him up he didn’t growl but just started licking my hand. And that when he became mine.
I turned to look at the clock that said 10:30. “It’s almost time for work but my sooo tired and sore from last night” I thought. I slammed my face in my pillow sighing. But when I did so my stomach struck with pain. I bit my lip hard to get my mind of the burning pain. I slowly flipped over on my back and lifted up my tank top. A huge purple bruise by the size of my hand was there from where he hit me. The sight of the bruise brought back flashes of last night…………

“Hey hun I’m home!” I sung coming Inside

The house was dark and cold. Not the temperature cold… the cold shiver down your spine you get when you think something bad is going to happen. I walked into the kitchen to set my keys down. I looked at the time…’Damn it! It’s 8:00pm!? Shit I promised Thomas I would be home by 7:00 to cook him dinner! Maybe he won’t be angry…I’m just an hour late.’ I thought in my head.

“Hello Allie.” said Thomas who was standing at the foot of the stairs. My muscles tightened and my heart started to race.

“Hi Tom. I missed you.”

“I thought you said you would be home by 7:00…” he said coming closer into the light toward me.

He was in just his boxers and water was dripping of his built body and shaggy curly blonde hair. He must have just come out the shower. He looked down at me when he was a foot away from my face. His eyes were dark and cold. I could feel fear from inside me when I felt his body temp went hot.

“Well?” He said coldly.

“I’m sorry. The girls wanted to take me out for some drinks for my anniversary from joining the dance studio…”I stuttered.

Suddenly he swung his hand at me and slapped me hard that I fell down on my side. Tears ran down my face.


“NO! Honey I love you. Only you! You know that. I would never do anything like tha-“

“LIER you are lying you bitch!” he yelled and kicked me in the ribs a few times.

He took a fistful of my long hair and pulled me up to where I couldn’t touch the floor. He bashed my head into the wall. Blood ran down my head. Then he punched me a couple times. The force of his hits felt like hammers bashing my over and over. I bit my lip and closed my eyes. I made myself stop thinking of the pain. I bit my lip so hard it started to bleed. He pushed me to the wall and kissed me hard. I just sat there numb from all the pain. He pulled back still inches away from my lips and looked me in the eyes. I started to cry. The pain was too much to handle.

“Why can’t you love me like I love you?” He whispered.

I slowly slid my back down the wall sobbing and whispered back, “I do love you Tom.”

“NO YOU DON’T! if you did you would be more obedient! I’m sorry I did this but you just need to learn. Now come to bed ok?” he said.

“Yes Tom.”
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