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First song I've written for my "album".

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You lurk at the back of my mind

Tainted eyes

Poisoned by the light

The lies that fall off your tongue

Ice bullets in a field of clouds

Pale hands

Like rope around the villain's neck

Before the hanging

Before the end of it

And that's when I fear

That life is no longer worth it

Disappearing is easy

Overdosing is pills

And endless oblivion

Haunting is being alone

Wooden floors creak

The air turns to water

Mysteries coming to life

Ghosts that are evil

All the fallen angels

They sit on your shoulders now

That's when you fear

That you're losing your grip

Sanity's all gone now

Overdosing is pills

And endless oblivion

Haunting is broken souls

Hear my tormented spirit

Cry your name

It will not be silenced

And you are to blame

Your mist has faded and we are all lost

Goodbye and hello

And goodnight and so long

For you darling

I will die all night long.

Author's Note:
If you read my work in the MCR section, you'll know that this is the first song for the album I'm writing.
I need a name for this "album" so I need you guys to suggest names.
Best one will be announced tomorrow when I post the next one!!
-Jinxxy xxx

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