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Fox and Alex watch from the other side of the bar as their brother angsts. [Jeanette]

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"So Wolfgang found out about Kailen's past then did he." It was a statement, not a question, and Alex snorted at it as her brother took a seat at the bar next to her.

"What on earth gave you that idea?" She drawled sarcastically.

"Well, it could be that he's sitting by himself next to the window watching the rain. He practically has a glowing neon sign above his head that says 'I just discovered the secrets of my boyfriends past, including his gang connections, and now I need a good fuck.'" Alex snorted again and almost choked on her drink.

"Nice, Fox. Well, if you think he needs a fuck so badly, why don't you oblige him. I know you've always been for that kind of thing." Fox stuck his tongue out at her, before then his face softened.

"No Alex, really. What are we going to do with him?"

They both sighed and gazed at their younger brother, still sitting motionless by the window, except for taking the occasional sip from the glass in front of him. The waiter came over and asked them for their orders. It was a slow night for a Friday.

"He needs a hero, and a friend." Fox said eventually, eyes still glued on his brother. "Although I still say a good fuck wouldn't hurt him. But really, he does need a friend. Not even the six of us are enough, and we've been there for his whole life. Not even mum would be enough anymore I don't think."

"You're right I guess. We aren't enough. But he doesn't need a hero; he is got one," Alex said softly, taking a long sip of her own drink, the alcohol burning her throat. "He just hasn't realized it yet."
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