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Wolfgang enlists Kailen's help in writing a letter to his dad. [Wolfgang x Kailen, Jeanette]

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"No, that wouldn't do. Too familiar a term to use with someone who has abandoned you."

"How about dad?"

"No, that has the same problem."


"Nah, that's the opposite of 'dear.' Makes it sound like you don't love nor miss him."

"Who says I don't?"

"...Love, you still wear his old clothing."

"I do not!"

"...You're wearing one of his polo sweaters right now."


"Alright then, how about... Leo."

"Perfect. Thanks."


Mum is in hospital. Fox--"

"You should probably tell him why she's there."

"Mmm, good point."

"Mum is in hospital, with cancer. Fox still seduces everything that moves. Alex passed--"

"No he doesn't. Just you. And every other human under the age of twenty-one."

"Oh, shut up Kailen! I'm trying to write!"

"Fine, fine, sorry. I'll just be quiet now..."



Mum is in hospital, with cancer. Fox still seduces every human who walks past. Alex passed her biology test with flying colours and has started collage. Mano is still the same. Karin is now transsexual, goes by the name Jason, and has a wonderful girlfriend named Cate. Lisa is a published author who writes under the penname Emily Viscid. I'm gay and have a loving boyfriend, who is also an ex-gang member--"

"Do you have to put that bit in?"

"Yes, Kailen, I do. Now keep quiet or I'll start calling you Dancer."

"...Yes Wolf."

"Good boy. Now, where was I? Ah yes...

I'm gay and have a loving boyfriend, who is also an ex-gang member named Kailen. If you ever met him, I'm sure the two of you would get on like a mansion en flambé..."

" 'Mansion en flambé'? Couldn't you just say 'house on fire'?"



"Oh, and Alphonse and Dee have gone, following in your footsteps in the way they left in the middle of the night without a word...Why? We don't know, all we know is that incestuous on a level that rivals anything Fox would ever do."

"Including all those times he's slept with you. Not to mention Alex. And Alphonse once even..."

"Shut up, Dancer."

"Shit, not the 'D' name. I'm sorry, please forgive me?"

"Just be quiet for a minute. I'm almost done.

We don't know, all we know is that incestuous on a level that rivals anything Fox would ever do.

Do you even care anymore?


With a sigh, Wolfgang put down the pencil, folded the letter and put it in its envelope. Hading it to Kailen without a word, he watched as his lover sealed it and scrawled on the letters SWAK. He raised an eyebrow.


"Sealed With A Kiss. Why do you keep sending these things? He never replies. You don't even know if this is his address anymore."

"I know. And I don't care. It's a force-of-habit kind of thing. I used to write them to him when I was little, and I just never really stopped. He was my hero when I was little-- he was my father and I admired him, but now..." He paused and smiled softly. "Now I write for all of our sake; we know he doesn't care and he'll never reply, but it gives us security in the hope that maybe today when the postman comes, he might have something for us... Something from him."

"It's false hope though."

"Any hope is better than no hope. But like I said, it's a force of habit and not something we really need to do any more. He's not my hero anymore. I've out grown him. Besides, I've got you... And that's all I'll ever need."

Kailen leaned over to claim a kiss, which slowly deepened and led to the two of them falling back on the bed. The door was closed, the lock was turned and clothing fell slowly to the floor. As Wolfgang pulled off his shirt, he looked at it with something in his eyes that Kailen couldn't read, before slowly letting it fall from his fingers to the floor. He smiled again and turned back to his lover, and murmured against his lips, "I've outgrown him."
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