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Secrets Revealed

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Wolfgang was cold, wet and he wanted to get inside, damnit! [Jeanette]

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It was raining. He was wet. He was cold. And he wanted to get inside, damnit! He rang the doorbell again, this time holding in the button. Still no response. He ran back down the stairs and gazed up at the light in the window with a sigh. He took a deep breath and yelled, "Karin!" Still nothing. With another sigh he tried pulling out the brick from the wall, but to no avail. With numb fingers it was impossible to get a proper grip. He tried yelling again. "Karin! Hey, big sister!"

When nothing happened, he sat down on top step and pulled his jacket over his head. Maybe if he just sat quietly he could pretend he was somewhere else. Maybe by the fireplace at home... Yeah, that'd be nice. Joking with Fox and Mano under the thick blankets, the smell of hot chocolate and roasting chickens infiltrating the whole house as his mother and Alex and Lisa busied themselves in the kitchen. And he'd be wearing his lucky socks, the ones with the blue toes and purple heels that had the cushiony bit at the bottom. Dee and Alphonse would be lying entangled together on the couch, laughing and whispering and swapping kisses when they thought no one was looking. And it'd be raining, and they'd be listening to the drumming of the rain on the roof. And then Karin and Cate would drop by, soaking wet and armed with a box of chocolates, dragging Kailen in with them...

The image vanished and he groaned. Damn. He shouldn't have added Kailen to the mix. He was the whole reason that he was stuck here, in the middle of a town he didn't know his way around, in the middle of a thunderstorm, locked out of the house because his sister and sister-in-law were deaf. It was all Kailen's fault. With his stupid secrets and refusal to answer questions... Oh jeez, who was he trying to kid here? It was just as much his fault as Kailen's. If he hadn't pushed, just waited like he normally did, the words wouldn't have been said and he wouldn't have stormed out of the little flat and he wouldn't be stuck here. Locked out. In the rain. Without Kailen. The lack of his lover's presence burned almost as much as the words. He rested his chin on his arms and gazed blankly at the ripples in the puddles that were forming around the bottom of the stairs. "He said..." He muttered to himself, "He said; there are things I can't share, there are things I won't share. There are trust issues.' Then I said... What? 'You don't trust me?' Then he said... 'No. Yes. Oh, maldición él todo. Wolfgang, it's complicated.'"

"Then he said what?" He started at the voice, whirling to look at the source. Karin and Cate stood, leaning casually against the doorframe. Even dressed in their underwear and singlets, Wolfgang still had to admit his sister(s) were pretty. Karin's short, blazing red hair and lithe boyish frame a severe contrast to Cate's long brown hair and unmistakably female figure. They looked good together (not that he'd ever tell them that. He didn't much like Cate and was not going to compliment her in any way). "Go on," Karin urged again, padding across the wet porch to sit beside him. "What did he say next?"

"What are you talk-Oh. You heard me."

"We most certainly did," Cate joined them on the stairs. "So what did your princesa say after that, little rana?"

"Umm... What did I say last?"

"The princesa had said 'No. Yes. Oh, damn it all. Wolfgang, it's complicated.'"

"Oh, right. I said 'so it's you don't want to explain so you're just going to speak Spanish, which you know I don't understand, and say you don't trust me.' He said, 'Yes. No. Mierda, Wolfgang. Déjeme solo. Todavía él daños. ¿No puede usted entender eso? Go home Wolfgang. It still hurts, alright? I'll explain when I'm ready. When I trust you completely...' Hey Cate, you speak Spanish. What'd he say?"

"Basically what he said in English. Only with a 'shit' and a 'can't you understand that.'"

"'Kay. And then we just argued for a while, and he accidentally revealed he'd been in a gang. So I pushed on about that and he admitted he'd even been the boss of it for a while there."

"Yeah, so what about it frog?"

"Don't call me that! Anyway, you wouldn't believe what gang it was."

"Really. What gang was it then?"

Wolfgang paused for a second. "RAG."



"My thoughts exactly. Then he told me everything. Would you believe the infamous Emmanuel "Snake" Parks was his best friend? And he grew up with Jessica "Gamie" Laytner."

"If you hadn't told me?" Karin said, "Then no way, I wouldn't have believed it in the slightest."

They sat silently for a while with the sound of the rain hitting the roof. The silence only broken when Cate asked softly, "And his relationship with the boss? Mikayl?"

Wolfgang let out a long shuddering sigh and put his head on his knees. "His full name was Mikayl Pacer Dios. His gang name was Pacer. He was four years older than Kailen and was the one who taught him to speak Spanish. He was twenty-three when he was killed. He was..." He sighed again. "Kailen's lover from just a month after they met to when he died."

Silence reigned again. Of course, Wolfgang didn't much care about the Mikayl thing. Hell, he'd been in other relationships before. He didn't even care about the fact his boyfriend had been a member, and had even been, for a short while, the leader of the most well known gang of the decade. It was the fact that he didn't trust him...

"Hey," He looked up at Karin. She was standing, his bag in her hand. "You gonna come inside or you gonna sit in the rain all night?"

"Of course he's going to come inside!" Cate answered for him, lifting him to his feet and taking his arm. "He didn't come all the from Yasic just to sit on our porch in the rain!" The thunder sounded again and Cate 'meeped', squeezing his arm tighter. "And of course, he's going to stay with us until he works out his issues with Kailen, right, rana?"

"Huh? Oh, I couldn't possibly..." Neither of them seemed to care what he thought. Cate pushed him inside and towards the bathroom, and Karin followed behind, rambling on about meals and recordings and pointing out where everything was (the same old ritual. He stayed with them for a week of each month, did they really still think they needed to do this every time?). So it seemed he was stuck with the crazies for a while. And this tie there was no Kailen to keep him from killing them.

They left him alone in the bathroom, then sat themselves at the kitchen table.

"So," Karin sighed, "he found out."


"Well, that was unexpected."

"And now you owe Dee twenty dollars."

"And now I owe Dee twenty dollars. Damn. I shouldn't have made that bet."

"Oh well. So when do you think the little rana is going to go back and make up with the princesa?"

"Frog? Oh who knows with that kid. Tomorrow, maybe. Or next month perhaps. As long as he does go back and do his hero act it's alright."

"Bet you it's next week."

"How much?"


"Fifty? Alright, mi saber-e'l-toda esposa, you're on."
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