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Sometimes, Wolfgang wondered. [Wolfgang x Kailen, Jeanette]

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Sometimes Wolfgang wondered about Kailen.

He wondered about the strange expressions that he got, the ones with those eyes full of sorrow. He wondered about his past, the one he never spoke about. About his old home, the friends he mentioned on occasion, the ex-boyfriend he still seems so fond of, his family, and all the things he left behind. He wondered about what secrets he was trying to bury.

He watched quietly as Kailen crouched by the graveside, pulling away the weeds grown up around the tomb, trailed his fingers across the name engraved on the tombstone, pressed his forehead to the marble. He could hear the low mutterings of Spanish, floating gently on the still air. He didn't ask whom the grave belonged to or why there were had been flowers there before they had arrived, just plucked the strings of his guitar and hummed softly. The melody was soft and familiar, a song his father had taught him all those years ago. Kailen turned to look at him from his place by the grave, and smiled before continuing his one-sided conversation with the dirt.

As the last of the notes faded, Wolfgang stood and wandered over to his lover. "Are you ready to go?"

"Almost. Just let me say a last good-bye."

Still, Wolfgang refused to look at the name; Kailen would tell him who it was if he wanted him to know. So he instead stared blankly out at the ocean through the branches of orange and gold that declared the season. Kailen stood and dusted his knees. With a little smile, he announced "We can go now," and set off down the hill towards the car.

Wolfgang followed him slowly, hands in his pockets.

Sometimes he wondered about Kailen, but this was neither the time nor place.

Still... He wondered what "Encontré a mi héroe," meant.
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