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Of Tattoos and Nicknames

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Kailen had lots of tattoos. [Wolfgang x Kailen, Jeanette]

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Kailen had tattoos. Delicate little designs that were scars from his RAG* days, things inspired by teenage rebellion and the gang boss who loved and encouraged the body art. There was an ankh just above his left ankle, wings over his shoulder blades, an elaborate- almost alchemic- design down both his arms, the Japanese character for "bad" at the back of his neck and, on his right hip, a fairy. A little fairy princess with her clothing and hair being shifted by the wind, gazing forlornly into the distance. Well, more in the direction of his crotch actually, but that was just a mere technicality. It was his favourite tattoo, and Wolfgang's as well, who traced the thin and frail lines every chance he got. He'd spent many long hours working to get the design right for it. Books full of references had buried his floor and he ran out of ink several times as he'd tried to perfect the design on the computer. But it had been worth it.

Unfortunately, it also eared him two nicknames, neither of which he liked. The first one he never heard anymore and with any luck would never hear again. However, the other one was a term used daily by multiple people...

"Princess," Kailen cringed at the name called after him. Although, he thought idly, it was much much better than being called Dancer. Looking over his shoulder, he could see Wolfgang running towards him through the crowds of people. "Hey, princess!"

He rolled his eyes and kept walking. No way in Hell was he answering to that name. Wolfgang caught up to him and threw his arms around his shoulders. "Jeez, Princess, why didn't you wait for me?"

Kailen grimaced and shrugged the arms off his shoulders. He wasn't a supporter of Public Displays of Affection. He stayed silent and continued walking, Wolfgang falling into step beside him. Maybe he should've stayed in RAG; he'd had it all then. Power, friends, money, street cred, Pacer... He shivered at the thought. Mikayl Pacer Dios. He shouldn't have-

"Princess?" A worried Wolfgang standing inches away from his face snapped him out of his thoughts. Apparently he'd gotten so caught up in his thoughts of his old life he'd stopped walking. "What's wrong?"

He sighed. "Wolf, I swear, if you call me princess one more time I'll start calling you frog."

"Frog... Frog..." The brunettes brow furrowed as he sought for the connection. "Ah! Like, 'the princess kissed the frog and he turned into a prince,'"

"Yeah, something like that. So, quit it will you?" He tried to take a step around Wolfgang, who was still just in front of him, but found himself stopped by a pair of lips pressed to his own. After a few moments of this, Wolfgang pulled away. "So, can I be a prince now?"

Kailen blinked dazedly and- dislike of PDA forgotten- said, "If I say no will you kiss me again?"
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