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Welcome to the Family -GERBERT!!-

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Gerard's nervous about coming out to his family. His boyfriend is there to help though. THIS IS A GERBERT. Don't like? Don't read!

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Gerard's POV:

I was nervous, I will admit. Tonight was the night. It would change everything. I'm just glad Bert is gonna help me with it. My amazing, handsome, boyfriend Bert and I have been dating for a year now.. and my family still doesn't know who he even is. Mikey, my younger 13 year old brother, knows he's my friend. Nothing more though.

Its not that I don't want them to... its just I'm afraid they won't except me for.. me. I'm scared to tell my parents that their son is gay. I'm not really sure if they're homophobic or not, the subject never came up to be honest. I haven't had the guts to ask, I'm scared to know the answer.

Bert's family knew, they weren't exactly thrilled at the idea, but the more they got to know me, the more they liked me. Now as far as we know, they're completely cool with it. Last Tuesday was Bert and I's one year. He told me he doesn't think I should keep it from my family anymore... and I agree but.... I'm still scared. I know my family will like Bert, that isn't the problem. He might be an ass at times, but over all he is the sweetest, funniest, and most caring person I know... not to mention down right adorable! I'm just concerned they'll care that he's.... well... a boy..

That's why Bert is coming over in a few minutes. He's gonna be there to hold my hand, and tell them with me. I want to introduce him properly...
I jumped as I felt small vibrations from my phone in my pocket. It was a text:

[/Hey babe, I'll be there in a few. I'm kinda excited! See you soon love
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