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Hell hole is now heaven?

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As we pull up to the hell hole and get out of the car I look up and my heart stops. I forgot today is the day the announce the winner of the danger days contest. I grab Luna's arm and we run to the gym just as we see Principal Welsh say "And the winner is drum roll please ELIZA CORRERO!" I hear Luna shout "Oh my god you won!" As Principal Welsh walks toward me that was the last thing I saw before I hit the Gym floor with a loud thump. "Shh everyone she's coming to!" I wake up with Luna's worried face inches from mine. "Oh my God you are okay! She's okay everyone!" I stand up and Principal Welsh congratulates me and hands me the ticket and Backstage pass for the My chem concert. "Now hand the bouncer this paper that says you are to tour with them." I feel like I'm gonna faint just as the ending bell for the last class rings. I run through the front door in my house go into the bathroom and wash my face. "This cant be happening!!" I look in the mirror and see I have a lump in my dark brown hair from when I fainted my green eyes look very bright. I walk across the hall into my bedroom and grab a bunch of stuff from my closet and start packing by the time I am done its 3 in the morning. I have to get up at 8:30 tomorrow and head to the airport. I throw on my favorite pj's and lie in bed staring at the ceiling hoping this isn't a dream tomorrow I meet My chemical romance.
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