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Fairy Tales

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With roses on the front and far too much pink involved. [Kouya x Yamato, postseries]

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Sometimes, it seems like a fairy tale. They escaped from their destinies as fighter and sacrifice and the name of zero, and to Yamato, their long, terrifying, journey of suffering (because she'd always liked exaggerating) seems like it belongs in some pretty book with roses on the cover and far too much pink involved with the first words being 'once upon a time'.

Kouya disagrees. "There is far too much blood in our lives for them to be any part of a fairy tale. Those stories are simple things with no real truths and created only for occupying the minds of small children... and for high schoolers to pick apart. And there's too much sex in our lives, too." She adds as an afterthought.

"Yeah, but Kouya, there is always blood spilt in fairy tales. They just don't focus on the point. Like... like... the prince slays the dragon. The queen falls off the mountain to her death. The evil, vain villager who wishes to kill the beast-also falls off a mountain, actually. Or something like that." She ignores the sex comment (because Yamato is sure she didn't mean that).


But Kouya doesn't disagree until the next time she mentions it. Yamato knows that it's because she really does like the idea of a fairy tale (no matter how many times she says she doesn't) because then there would be a happily ever after, with just the two of them.

If their life was a fairy tale...

She decides she likes that idea, and clings to it.
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