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Idiot in a Skirt

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If there was one thing Kailen thought he'd never be doing, and there wasn't very much he classifyed as 'not happening', it would be cross-dressing. Yet here he was... And the skirt was pink. [Wolfg...

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"This," Kailen stated, tugging at the hem of the pink skirt, "is embarrassing."

But the words were wasted on his boyfriend. Wolfgang stared at him in something akin to awe, eyes as wide as teacups, and Kailen felt the blood rush to his cheeks. He fiddled with the hem of the miniskirt again. "Not to mention," he went on despite the fact that his audience wasn't listening, "it's pink. The skirt, I mean. And short enough that if I don't stand up perfectly straight you can see my underwear. Would you care to remind me why I'm wearing it?" Wolfgang didn't answer, just continued to stare at him with his mouth open. In fact, Kailen was fairly sure that if he dropped his jaw just a little further he'd spill a lot of drool onto the carpet and his tongue would roll out. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other, and the heat radiating off his cheeks would probably be all the heating the house would need all winter. "Wolfgang?"

At his name, the boy seemed to snap out of his reverie. His eyes decreased slightly in size and he got to his feet, wandering around the other boy in slow circles. After circling him for a third time, he stopped behind him. He pulled gently at the orange tie in his hair, before tightening it again. His hand stayed resting on Kailen's head, before very slowly making it's way down the back of his head, flicking at the dangly earring in his left lobe. Another hand ran gently up his naked thigh, and fluttering over the edge of the skirt and brushing lightly against his skin, pulling out the loose threads he found. Kailen shuddered at the sensation and could almost see Wolfgang's smug smile. "You look good. You make a very pretty girl."

Kailen had barely muttered, "But I feel like such an idiot," before Wolfgang all but tackled him into the couch. They tussled and shifted and for a moment and Kailen was hopeful the skirt would come off and he'd finally be able to regain some of his dignity and then he was straddling Wolfgang's lap again. Kailen swallowed hard and tried to smooth out the skirt. He opened his mouth to say something, when Wolfgang leaned forward and shut him up with a kiss.

The skirt was soft and heavy against his skin, and even though the material was thin as paper and his shirt was more fishnet than anything else, he was burning hot. Kailen moved his fingers quickly, pulling off the belt and tugging at the zipper of Wolfgang's jeans, almost glad that he wouldn't have such a problem with the skirt. Wolfgang bucked up against Kailen when he felt the first brush of those fingers against his zipper and Kailen could have sworn the moan that followed vibrated up both of their spines.

It was such a simple touch, a single fingertip, a soft caress tracing a line upward and inward from Kailen's knee. Blood rushed to quench something hot and hard and thirsty and Kailen was gasping for breath. He shifted desperately against Wolfgang's hand, but even that wasn't enough, he wanted oh god he wanted but it wasn't enough and then a finger pushed past and inside him and Kailen thought he'd scream because it was so close, so close, but still not what he wanted. He groaned and bit down on Wolfgang's neck and heard him whimper, but couldn't find it in himself to care, not even as the metallic liquid flowed across his tongue. Why should he? He was ready to scream with frustration because Wolfgang wouldn't quit fooling around and just--

And then he did scream, muffled and choked against Wolfgang's shirt, because, finally, finally, it was enough and Kailen ground down hard against Wolfgang, hands splayed desperately across the brunette's chest. Wolfgang's breath was hot and moist in Kailen's ear, but he couldn't make out any of the words spaced between the uneven gasps. Didn't matter, didn't matter, not now, not when Kailen could yank Wolfgang forward for a hungry kiss. Wolfgang's hands were tight on Kailen's waist, alternately lifting him up and pulling him down. The hot, frustrated knot in his gut finally unraveled and Kailen moaned into the kiss. He sagged against his boyfriend in relief, and Wolfgang followed after a few sharp thrusts.

"That was," He muttered. "That was..."

"Yeah." Wolfgang smiled and pried Kailen's clenched fists out of his shirt, drawing him close for a hug. "It was. So... can we keep the skirt?"

Kailen didn't answer straight away, just buried his face in Wolfgang's neck. Wolfgang waited, and after a few minutes came a soft, "Perhaps..."

He laughed.


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