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Hello, Brooklyn

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All Time Low fanfic c:

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Holly is my lovey dovey snicker’s bar of fun!” Jack’s singing was off-tune and the beer he had in his hand was almost empty, showing just how drunk he was from the six other bottles scattered around the floor. I had been over at Jack’s house for the past two hours and the whole time he had been drunk. Now I officially declare him wasted. His girlfriend – my older sister – Holly sat on the couch beside me, watching as Jack started making out with the beer bottle.

“I can’t believe that you have to deal with this every day,” I say to Holly as she crosses her legs criss-cross-apple-sauce style. She wore a pair of black sweatpants and a purple hoodie, her long and curly blonde hair in a messy bun on the top of her head. I dressed similarly with a black hoodie and plaid pajama pants but my hair floated down my back until it stopped a few inches below my shoulder blades.

“It’s not exactly every night that I have to deal with this, but it’s a lot of nights. He doesn’t like getting drunk a lot because he normally does something that he regrets. Like how he’ll regret that,” Right then Jack had run into the refrigerator, which was stainless steel and must have hurt like a b!tch. On the side of the fridge, there was a sharp magnet that read ‘That’s What She Said’. The side of Jack’s arm collided with the edge of the magnet, where it struck the skin. I watched as the dark red blood slowly slides down his arm. A hurt yet still drunk look appeared in Jack’s eyes.

“Jolly Holly,” Jack had fake, drunk tears sliding down his cheeks. I raised an eyebrow as he practically threw himself at Holly, the blood smearing on the sleeve of Holly’s hoodie.

“Jackalope –“ Holly started speaking but was cut off by Jack’s loud snoring. “Okay then. C’mon Brooklyn, let’s go to the game room.”

I stood and watched as Holly shifted Jack’s body so that he was lying on the couch in a comfortable position. A fluffy pillow was placed under his head and a purple blanket was placed on his body.

Following Holly, I walked towards where the stairs were. The lights were on upstairs and I could see small piles of clothes placed against walls.

A knock was sounded throughout the whole house. I looked at Holly, who shrugged and made her way back down the stairs to see who was at the door. I walked a few yards behind her, looking at Jack as I passed him.

“’Sup Holly. Has Jack passed out yet?” I heard a guy’s soft voice say and feet shuffling into the kitchen. I walked out of the living room and into the kitchen to see three guys standing next to Holly. One had a buzz cut, wearing a pair of black basketball shorts and a shirt that read ‘Boys Like Girls’. The one on his right side had on a pair of navy blue basketball shorts and a plain white t-shirt. And the one on his left side – the most attractive one, in my eyes – had honey blonde hair and was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans with a shirt that said ‘Glamour Kills’.

And the attractive one was looking right at me.

“Hey guys, this is my little sister, Brooklyn,” I waved my hand at the three of the guys. I smiled at them, which they returned warmly.

“Hey, I’m Alex.”
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