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I'm sick of this heartbeat. [Poem type thing. Please read and review?]

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A/N: Hi, this is yet another bitter rambling in the form of a poem which I spewed out last night while listening to Revenge on repeat. God I love that album. Anyway, I hope it’s not awful…But if it is, don’t sit in silence, drop a review and tell me :L


I’m sick of insignificance.
I’m sick of blamed.
I’m sick of compliance.
I’m sick of drained.
I’m sick of you.

Nobody’s bloodless scapegoat,
A wrung-out soul afloat,
In this twisted, human zoo.

I’m sick of depression.
I’m sick of lust.
I’m sick of obsession.
I’m sick of cuts.
I’m sick of shy.

Nothing’s charred Frankenstein,
A wrung-out soul undermined,
Left alone, bleeding dry.

I’m sick of procrastination.
I’m sick of defeat;
All these false celebrations.

I’m sick,
Of this heartbeat.

Lonely’s whimsical liar,
A wrung-out soul for sale-
But Fate’s the only buyer,
Lurking under catastrophe’s blackened veil.
I’m so sick of self-loathing,
Sick of all these crumpled sins,
Bundled away in black clothing.
I’m sick of anxiety. Loss. Profanity.

This heart beats nothing but putrid disgust,
Acid and bile and vomit of a soul,
To make me churn and writhe and convulse.

Sick. Sick. SICK.

I’m so sick of it all.

I am it all.

Try throwing up a pulse.


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Lucy X_O
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