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Just One of those Ghosts

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For CosmicZombie's Music and Words #3- Victor's Piano Solo.

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Hello there!!
This is my entry for the third Music and Words. It's a song/poem, written in Mikey's point of view.
It's based off the story of the "Blue Lady" that haunts Port Arthur, near to where I live in Tasmania. Apparently, if she likes you, she'll follow you and you'll hear the rustle of her dresses. If she likes you enough, she'll reveal herself. I do believe in ghosts and shit like that so judge me all you want, but I'm going there in a month. And I have seen ghosts- fuck, I lived with them for a year or two.
-Jinxxy xxx

Haunting whispers

Drowning out

The things I see

The blood that flowed

It rushes to my vision when I'm alone

The piano

The violin

The soothing entities that lay inside of me

I wish I could be real

Marble skin would never have felt more magical

But I cannot be real

I am but a shadow

On your wall

The thing

Of nightmares.

I am one of those.

I am a ghost

Born of your depression

Your anger and sorrow

The pain you inflicted

The cries I emitted

It's all lost

In the moonlit silence

Streaming through the stained glass window

But I'm just one of those ghosts.










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I love all of you guys!!
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