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An Idea and Recommendations

by xxFamousLastWordsxx 2 reviews

A new idea that needs opinions and what stories do you recommend ?

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Remember when i told you i had that idea ?

This is it

Frank Way is the son of psycopath Gerard Way, Mikey Way is a mute, Bandit is Frank's twin, LynZ and Bandit's ghosts still roam the Way household

But what happens when 2 girls end up in the cellar of the house?
Did Frank love Bandit more than a sister?

How did Bandit die?
How did LynZ die?
Why is Mikey a mute?
Why is Gerard a psychopath?
How did 2 girls end up in a cellar ?

Trust me i have a massive plan and the answer
to every single one of those questipns xD But i need to know if you guys like it :3

Also i would kill for a good story to read

At the momet i am only reading The Past Aint Through With You by carmen which is amazing

The type of stories i read and like are

* Long chaptered ( 20 +) Frerard
* Boy/ Girl pairings
* Original ideas

So recommend your own or a atory your reading :3

Thankyou ^_^

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