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Oh, Do Forgive Me.

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For Music and Words #3

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The bright sunlight causes the air above the blacktop to quiver and jerk making my vision blur sickeningly. The bleached concrete of the side walk reflects the light into my eyes giving me a head ache. There are birds cawing their mocking songs at me while I slither past the daunting trees and away from my cruel home.

The house used to be my island in the ocean of taunts and prejudice of the people in it. It is now a cave with constant reminders of what I've lost. The photographs are the worst. One in particular, one of Mikey, myself and our grandmother. Her death had ripped our family apart. My parents were arguing constantly and my brother had stopped talking. I’ve never felt so alone. Nobody wants me. Nobody needs me.

As I round the corner, the bridge comes into view. I can hear some kids playing in the school yard a few blocks away, their screams of joy make me want to curl in on myself and hibernate forever. But I can't do that, so this is the next best thing.

I walk out to the centre. Where I know many people before me have stood and made the same decision I do now. The side guards have always been low, much to the horror of parents, so I look over the edge into the bubbling, clear water below. It’s taken many lives before, all I have to do now is go a little further forward, just step over this excuse for a fence. My heart is racing and my ears pounding. My palms are getting sweaty, but I know this is what I should do. It’s easier for everyone around me if I-

A man walking past nudges me, causing me to flinch backwards and snap out of my trance.

`Oh, do forgive me’ he says politely and cheerfully before he smiles and turns to walk away.

So? Did it suck giraffe dick? I think it's a little short but I didnt want to make it any longer and get off topic.
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