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Lipstick Lullaby

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Shuichi? Pregnant? This is going to be hell... or is it? Will the bundle of joy bring the happy couple closer or will it break them apart?

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For reasons I can't be fucked to say, I have decided to try my hand at writing again.

Warning: Yaoi + Mpreg = ???

Disclaimer: Yes, I own Gravitation. I also have a house on Mars and a three headed dog named fluffy.


Once again, the pink haired singer clung to the toilet bowl as if his life depended on it. Sometimes, he was positive it did.
It was always the same. He would wake up, go through normal morning routine, until he smelt it. Breakfast. It was usually the smell of scrambled eggs that had the baka running for the bathroom. He just didn't understand it. He never had a fever, and he wasn't puking his guts out at the studio.. so why did the smell of eggs torture his poor insides.

Yuki, on the other hand was starting to get worried. He wasn't used to seeing his lover so sick. He noticed the way his baka was running to the bathroom, how he wasn't acting his normal hyperactive self. He acted like he was, well no. That isn't possible.
"Hey, brat. We're going to the hospital. Get dressed."

Shuichi pouted, but he saw no point in arguing with his moody lover. He reluctantly pulled on a pair of sweat pants and a loose t-shirt. He just didn't have it in him to wear something more fashionable.

The ride to the hospital was short, and the wait was annoyingly long. Soon enough, the not so happy couple was called back. Unfortunately it would be another half hour before the doctor came in. For now, the nurse did her job.

"Hello Mr. Shindou, my make is Saku, I will be your nurse for today." The woman introduced herself, smiling at the two before opening the file in her hands.
"Now, what are your symptoms?"

"Well, I keep getting sick, and the smell of eggs makes me throw up. I've been tired a lot.." His voice trailed off, eyes glancing at the blonde who sat in the corner of the room.

She nodded, writing down his answer before checking his vitals. Everything seemed normal so far. Though the boys heart seemed a little fast.
"Mkay, well, Dr. Ichii ordered a urine analysis. You can find a cup in the bathroom. Just sit it in the window when your finished."

Shuichi nodded, hopping off the examining table and walking calmly out of the room.

"Ahh, Miss.. I know this is impossible but Shuichi acts as if he's pregnant." The writer confessed, looking up at the woman.

She shook her head. "Actually, its not impossible. There have been reports of male pregnancies all over the Japan. Nobody knows the exact cause, but some think its linked to the recall of Tylenol."

Yuki paled at her explanation.

Shuichi returned, not noticing his lover's pale complexion or the way his eyes darted around. He only curled up on the table, pouting slightly. "...sleepy."

The couple waited and waited for the doctor to come and share their fate. When it did happen, nobody but Eiri expected it.

"Mr. Shindou, you're pregnant."

(Shuichi POV)

I stared. Pregnant? How the fuck was that possible?! Yuki is going to hate me!
"Wahh! Yuki! I'm so sorry! I didn't know this could happen! I didn't mean-" My words were cut off by the sweet lips that belonged to my love.

"You damn brat. Shut up. This is my fault as much as it is yours. Now, we have a lot of options to choose from. So lets go home, and discuss our next move. Whether it be adoption, abortion, or buying a crib."

Once again I was staring. I might get to keep my baby.


(Yuki POV)

I'm not sure how I feel about this situation. I don't think I've ever wanted a kid. Yet, somehow, the thought of Shuichi carrying my child just seems so right.


The pink haired baka curled up on the bed he shared with a grumpy novelist. He moved his hand over his stomach once more, only now noticing that his once flat tummy had a barely noticeable curve. His lover was laying next to him, trying to overcome the urge to run his fingers over the boys stomach.

"Yuki... I realize you probably just want me to get an abortion but I can't do that."


"No, let me finish." The singer gathered up his courage before continuing, "I can't have an abortion. I can't kill something we created. As much as I want to keep our baby I would rather choose adoption."

The blonde sighed, reaching over and laying his hand ontop of his stomach, not even bothering to hide the small smile that graced his lips.
"Brat. I don't want you to have an abortion. As for the other options.. I don't think I can let some other idiot raise my child. They would probably warp his poor little mind."

Shuichi laughed, shuffling closer.
"He? How do you know its a he? It could be a she!" He grinned. He loved this. Everything was so relaxed.

"Because, he is my son. If my son happens to have a vagina, then its your daughter." He explained, grabbing his cigarettes and tugging one out. He didn't bother hiding his anger when it was snatched from his hand and broke in half. "Idiot! What the fuck did you do that for!?"

"Yuki. I am pregnant. With your child. I am not going to let your second hand smoke harm our baby. If you want to smoke go outside. But once this baby is born, I will cut you if you even think of coming near him smelling like smoke."

The novelist was shocked. He knew then not to get on the bad side of mama Shu. He was right though. Maybe its time for him to quit...
He nodded, setting the box back on the table before turning back to his now smiling lover.
"Go to sleep brat."

"I love you Yuki.."


Well, there's the first chapter!
Shall I continue this or not?


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