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Who you gonna call?

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League of Extraordinary Authors Unite once more for a sequel!

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I’d like to call everyone here to order. Or at least, don’t blow me off.

I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of “Ghost Profiles”, aka profiles that have no information on them that keep thumbing down others and writing some seriously hateful stuff.

Who here remembers The League Of Extraordinary Authors? Mikeys_Glasses? FabulousRevenge? Jacks_Demons? Bella_Jinxx MCRkilljoy PartyPoisen, hell, ALL OF YOU, LOOK OUT YOUR WINDOW! RIGHT NOW!

What is that, silhouetted against the sky?
That’s a call to arms, internet comrades. That’s the League of Extraordinary Author’s Bat Signal.

We do not have a figurehead to fight against like we did with our first battle against Tiffanyrose. We are engaging in a war against Dumb Troll Kind.
And Trolls, if you read this, go ahead. Scoff. Laugh. Or ‘lol’, as I assume you do. That’ll stop us. Thumb down our stories. Like we give a damn. Post scathing reviews of how emo we are.
My scars make me who I am. Wouldn’t trade it for the world, OR for your poorly-worded insults.

Now, League members, same drill as last time, mostly. If any of you have seen 300, you’ll know the power of teamwork (and of not pissing off hunchbacks). Basically, stand together, stick up for each other, and communicate who’s on which side. The trolls chased off ColorfulShadow, and could possibly push her to suicide. That sort of shit should not happen. EVER. What is wrong with you guys? That's unacceptable.

I’d tell you not to feed the trolls, but trolls need to eat too. Just...limit it to one harsh review at a time. Impulse control.

There we go, will deal with problems as they crop up, but I think we’re in a good space right now. If a troll does try trolling on this, I would ask them not to. Mostly because there’s a lot of people on here, and people are wittier in numbers.

So, to summarize, Gear up, Dust off your LOEA shields, and trolls, do your worst.
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