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I'd never thought I'd let you down or have you go

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Frank is bullied to a certain point and Gerard is the worried boyfriend. FRERARD OS

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Frank isn't picking up. Why isn't he picking up? I'm freaking out, like seriously freaking out. I've tried calling him twelve times and he hasn't answered. Should I call his home? Sighing, I grabbed my cell and dialled his home number.

"Pick up...pick up pick up," I muttered tapping my foot. "C'mon Frankie pick up."

"Hello?" Mr Iero's voice answered on the fifth ring. 


"Why wouldn't frank be okay? Whats wrong Gerard?"

"About an hour ago he forwarded me this email. It was sent from Ray's girlfriend Christa, except Ray was the one who wrote it."

"What did it say?"

Pulling up the email on my laptop I read, "Oh look at that you blocked me.. how cute ( Christa's account )I don't care if you want to be young forever, you tell that to your imaginary friend Röbby. If your life was so much better when you didn't hang out with me then why were you my "friend" for 3 years?? Hmm, i wonder why. Chirsta not a whore, you're nothing but a dysfunctional bitch with a dysfunctional family that clearly needs to fix some issues and I can't believe I just said that but I'm glad I did because you were never a real friend, just a silly backstabber."

I heard the phone drop and Mr Iero's voice in the background. 

"Frankie!" he called, followed by footsteps. "Frankie open up! Frank are you okay? Frankie?!"

Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no. These bastards messed with my Frank for the last time. They've been treating him like shit ever since they started to go out again, and by them I mean Christa. Ray LOVES her and only see's her doing good. So when she said frank should go kill himself, my boyfriend changed drastically. He didn't have that same spark, and he was terrified of going to school. This kid cussed him out for something he didn't do and he almost ditched first hour, because it hurt him so much. My poor Frankie baby. 

"Hello? Gerard you there?" Mrs Iero said into the receiver. "Can you come over as soon as you can?"

"How's Frankie?!"

"We need to talk..."

I dropped my phone and cried. My Frankie was bullied to the point where he has killed himself. 

*A/N PEOPLE I ONLY OWN THE STORY! Like legitimately I do, this exact thing has happened to me if I was frank and WAS NOT dating Gerard. The email is real, the plot is real. I just changed it cause well miss kelseychem may know the witnesses and who is portrayed by ray and Christa. But back to the serious side. Don't bully please, it hurts people (and one who's been bullied since kindergarten...) and affects their lives. It is one of the top causes for teen suicide and it is a thought that has occurred through my head quite frequently...okay rant done*
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