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Chapter Eleven

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Mirror, Mirror

Chapter Eleven

Ahoy there Tumbleweeds. Yes I know I know, I'm sorry for taking so long to update looks down guiltily but it's now the summer holidays which means I have a whole eight weeks to keep updating this thing. And yes in these eight weeks I do plan to get this story finished off. Hopefully. It's like exercise; I'm not motivated to start writing a chapter but once I'm into it I don't want to stop. Yet again this is kinda a build up filler to the next few chapters where the 'Frerardy' themes become more apparent :) Still, hope you enjoy this one all the same. I'm planning on uploading the next chapter within a week so look out for it :) and actually I've almost reached the halfway mark of the story. Okay I'll let you get on with the chapter now XO

The sound of a car engine spluttering woke Frank up and he lay there with his eyes shut listening to the noises drifting up through his open window. He heard a car door open, presumably the one that had just been wheezing it's way along the road and then a man started muttering, his voice slowly building up to a mad stream of profanities aimed at the silent car. Amongst this stream, the phrase 'tossballs' was uttered and Frank smiled slightly at the idiot down the road, his eyes still closed.

Without looking Frank fumbled and reached to the side of his mattress, his hands passing over the half bottle of vodka with it's lid screwed tightly shut and the flap of his school satchel. He searched for the hem of the flap and pushed his hand through, going for the inside pocket where his lighter and box of cigarettes were stored. Bringing them out, Frank flicked the lid open and gently took one out of the box, putting it in his mouth and lighting up, his hand cupping the flame. He inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly, relaxing and burying his head deeper into his pillow as his cravings faded away.

He held the cigarette over the side of the bed, his elbow propped up to keep it away from the duvet. He listened again to the sounds of the outside world. A strange rattling sound was coming from behind his head, slowly building up in volume. Frank opened his eyes confused. The sound continued and he heard breathing. Somebody else's breathing.

Frank bolted upright, staring into the mirror at the foot of his bed and the shocked face looking into it. He slowly turned around to look at his window but there was nothing there. He turned back to his mirror and yelped as Gerard materialized, climbing through the window.
'Frank?' An inquiring voice asked from the other side of the door. 'Are you okay in there?' His mother asked. 'Err, yeah, fine.' Frank said hurriedly, so that his mom wouldn't walk in and realize that a random boy had climbed up the wall of her new house and came in through an open window. That would certainly raise some security issues. 'Are you sure?' she asked again, her voice conveyed that she was not completely convinced.

'Positive. I just banged my elbow on the wall that's all.' Frank responded wearily.

'Well okay, did you want something to eat?' Frank's mother asked this every day even though she knew the answer would always be no but she could still hope.

'Err, yes actually!'


Frank jumped up and sprinted to his door as he saw the handle turn. 'Mom!' he yelled in an attempt to stop her from coming in. 'I'm not dressed!' Frank opened the door a crack so his mother could see his face. 'But you never want anything to eat.' She told him in a slightly stunned manner. 'Well yes, but I'm hungry. I'll err, I'll be down in a minute okay?' He asked, casting a quick glance back into his room at Gerard, who just stood there innocently in the middle of the floor. 'Okay' His mother practically bounced. 'You can see what you want then.' And with that, she left and went downstairs. As she turned the corner to the stairs, Frank made out the slight smile which spread across her lips.

Frank shut his door quietly. He whipped himself around to confront Gerard. 'What the hell are you doing here?!'

'You're not naked.' Gerard observed, ignoring the question.

'Yeah no shit!' Frank replied sarcastically. 'Like I said before, what are you doing here? You could have got me in trouble you know if my mom had found you in here. What if my dad was upstairs?!'

'You wouldn't have gotten caught. Everything is fine. I just thought since I saw your room last time, and it still does look pretty shit, even if it has been tidied, I just thought you might want to do something with it, y'know? I just came here to offer a helping hand. It could look good if you painted it and got some furniture. It could be like the beginning of a fresh start for you.'

'What are you a interior designer now?' Frank teased.

'Fine if you don't want my help.' Gerard turned to go back to the window, a look of annoyance on his face.

'Wait. Wait!, no need to be too hasty.' Frank considered. 'I guess I don't have anything to do today so er, why not?. I guess...'

Gerard turned back, a smirk on his lips. 'I knew that would work' he said.

Frank created a look of mock irritation in reply and threw a CD at him from a pile against the wall. 'Okay, okay. Just let me get dressed and have something to eat and then we can sort something out okay? Just stay here while I eat and don't get caught. Do you want anything bringing up?'

Gerard shook his head. 'Nah, already eaten.'

Frank frowned slightly. 'What time is it?

'8:26' Gerard replied, nodding to a clock on the far wall. Frank hadn't even noticed that it had been there.

'What is it?'

Frank shook his head in amazement. 'Nothing. It's just, I haven't been up this early on a Saturday in years.'

With that, Frank opened his door, reminding Gerard once again to make sure that he wasn't to be seen, and headed downstairs to the delicious smell of toast and veggie bacon.

'Okay Frank, I've made a cooked breakfast so just eat what you want.' Frank's mother told him hastily as he entered the kitchen as if she didn't want to change his recent decision to eat. Not that that was going to happen any time soon: Frank was famished. He loaded his plate until it resembled a mountain more than a breakfast and also ate three extra slices of toast. His mother made small talk during the meal but Frank was too busy concentrating on his food. It was only as he was downing his fourth glass of orange juice that he realized his dad wasn't there. Frank inquired about this, to which his mother replied that he was on a business trip and so wouldn't be back until late on Sunday night. This pleased Frank as it meant he didn't have to endure any snide remarks about his appearance or any complaints about his behavior or lack of help he made around the house.

'So what are you doing with yourself today then?' Franks mother asked as she took his empty plate and took it to the dishwasher. 'You were up quite early.' She noted. There was a short pause. 'Well, I was actually thinking of doing up my room, you know, getting the furniture out of the garage, buying some paint and doing the walls. That sort of thing.'

'This isn't like you' she stated with a smile.

'I know, but I thought, new house, fresh start. I just need a change of scene I guess.'
Franks mother came over from the kitchen counter to the stool where Frank was sat. She ruffled his hair and put her hand on his shoulder. 'I'm so proud of you, you know that?' She was lying and Frank knew it, but it still made him feel warm inside.

The silence was broken by Frank's mother moving away, sensing the slight awkwardness in the air. 'Well I was planning on going out today too, so how about you come with me and we can go and get the paint and buy some new things for your room?' She asked cheerfully.

'No!' Frank replied quickly, slightly panicked. 'I mean,' He continued in a rush as he saw his mother's expression fall 'I already said I'd go with my friends.'

'You've made some friends?!' His mother asked incredulously. 'That's great honey. I think we're just going to do fine in this new house, what do you think?'

Frank nodded with a forced smile. 'Well I'll just leave you out some money so you can go and get your things with your friends then. I'm going out with my friends tonight as well so you could invite yours around if you like to watch a movie or something.'

'Thanks mom' Frank said happily as he headed towards the hallway. He changed his mind and ran back quickly and kissed his mother softly on the cheek before bounding back toward the stairs again.

'We're all set' Frank said to Gerard as he entered his room once more. Gerard stood in the corner looking through a box sat near the cupboard door. He was holding something in his hands, flicking the pages over and examining it. 'Hey!' Frank almost yelled. He remembered his mother was still downstairs and lowered his tone to a furious whisper. 'What are you doing with my stuff, put it down!' Gerard for his part, looked up innocently and calmly as if Frank had simply told him what type of juice he had just been drinking. 'What is it?' He asked.
'Nothing.' Frank responded, reaching it over, snatching it out of Gerard's hands and placing it gently back in the bottom of the cardboard box. 'Lyrics?'

'No! Well, yes. But I didn't write them.'

'So whose is it?'

'No ones.'

'Your brother's?'

Franks breath caught in his throat. How did Gerard know about his brother? As if Gerard had heard Frank's thoughts, he hastened to reply 'There's a name on the front, it says 'Drew Iero' I just assumed it was your brother or something since the book doesn't seem that old.' Gerard shrugged as if it wasn't a big deal but Franks mood darkened considerably. 'Okay fine, it is my brothers, can we get off this subject please?'

'So why doesn't your brother have it?'

'And he didn't take it with him? These are some good lyrics. Why would he just leave them here?' Gerard pushed.

'I don't know. Perhaps he forgot about it'

'Frank, I don't think you're being completely honest with m..'

'He's dead okay?! He killed himself a few years back. There! I'm being honest with you. Happy now?!'

There was a short silence.

'Not particularly.' Gerard murmured. 'Have you told anyone about this?'

'No, I'm the only person that knows, my parents just think he's gone on a round the world trip, I haven't got round to telling them yet.' Frank said sarcastically.

'I meant, have you talked to anyone about it?' Gerard pressed. Frank gripped his hair, stressed. It took him a moment to realize he had been holding his breath and he exhaled sharply, flopping down onto the mattress, his knees bent. Frank sighed again, hands still gripping his hair. 'I told Lolita at school the other day. I don't know if I should have but I did. I don't know if it was the right thing to do, that I should trust her so soon, but it felt good to get it off my chest.'

'She won't tell anyone' Gerard replied confidently. 'You did good telling someone. It's not healthy to keep it bottled up inside.'

Gerard came and sat down beside Frank putting an arm around his shoulder. They both looked straight ahead, sat in silence. 'I'm sorry I yelled at you.' Frank told Gerard, not making eye contact and his ears turning red with shame. 'You can look through it if you want.'
'Perhaps later, but thank you. Right now though, we have some shopping to do.'

Okay, so that's that for this chapter. Please review and let me know what you think of it :) It's your reviews that inspire me to keep this story going if I'm being honest. Whilst you're here feel free to read my other stories and give some feedback. Also, if I've made lots of spelling errors, feel free to let me know. My spell check has kinda broke :/
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