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I wrote this because I had this friend who didn't seem to want to accept who I was

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I appear unwounded,
But my eyes tell a different tale,
I feel like I'm your doll,
That you got from a sale

You paid half price,
But I feel worthless,
And now you have me,
To play with and dress

You play stupid games,
Until the end of the day,
You start to get bored,
So you throw me away

So do what you do,
It's ok I can take it,
But if I did it to you,
You'd go off in a fit

Can't we go back to old times,
When we got on so great,
Because now these words towards me,
Are so full of hate

So now puppeteer,
Grab my strings,
And make me do,
All kinds of things

So I'll smile and dance,
To hide the pain,
And deep down I'll hope,
That you feel the same
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