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Words for her and her alone

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She watched him as he went from person to person, smiling and signing autographs. She watched as his eyes lit up with each kind word he was blessed with.

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She wasn’t anyone special. She didn’t stand out in the crowd or ever have all eyes on her. She wasn’t extremely beautiful, or extremely attractive. She didn’t have the perfect face or the perfect body, and she was alone. Her jacket sleeves were pulled to the palms of her hands and dark skinny jeans covered her legs. Dark hair fell around her face, illuminating her broken gaze.

She watched him as he went from person to person, smiling and signing autographs. She watched as his eyes lit up with each kind word he was blessed with. She studied each movement he made, each small curve of his smile and each way his lips moved as he spoke. She wondered what he sounded like face to face and wondered what went through his mind under that shaggy mess of hair that flopped in front of his eyes.

As he moved closer, her fingers fiddled with the ends of her sleeve and she chewed her lip anxiously, unable to decide if she was anxious or excited, or even if she was regretting coming at all. Maybe, she thought, Maybe this was a terrible idea after all. Her stomach twisted into knots and her heart began to race, so much so that she could hear the pounding in her ears. She could feel herself shaking and cursed the cold, although she knew it wasn’t from that.

He was only a few people away now, and she debated whether or not she should walk away. People were screaming around her and she so desperately wanted to cover her ears, to mute them out. She only wanted to hear his voice, and his alone. She winced her eyes shut as the people around her pushed her further into the barrier, causing her to drop her paper and sharpie. She leaned down to pick it up, feeling her hand brush with someone’s and her sleeve roll up. She stood up quickly and her eyes met his, so she quickly rolled down her sleeve and, with shaking hands, held out the paper for him to sign.

He ignored her gesture and rolled up her sleeve, revealing the purple scars gracing her pale skin. He ran his calloused fingers over them, then met her gaze.

“Promise me you’ll never do this to yourself again.” His voice was gentle, and she was at a loss for words. As she looked into his eyes, filled with so much sincerity, she found herself nodding.

“I promise.” His smile grew once more, but this time, it was different from the smiles he had shared with everyone else. This smile was for another reason. He opened the cap and wrote on her arm, then kissed it gently.

“It’s not worth it. Whatever you’re going through, you will overcome, I promise.” She nodded as tears fell on her cheeks. He pulled her in for a hug and whispered quietly in her ear.
“You’re too beautiful to let the world kill you just yet. Hang in there.” Her smile grew as he pulled away and nodded, then left her to climb into his car, her words replaying in her mind. And as she glanced down to see what he had written, her heart stopped. For what he wrote, were words for her and her alone.

A/N I left it vague so it can be whoever you want, really.
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