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Chapter Two

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Ryan's POV

"You’re going to be all right Ryan, you both need to get to class. Brendon can show you to your class honey" Luna said. I got up and looked around and rubbed my head.

"Ow...what happened? The last thing I remember is seeing you looking worried."

"Jon punched you and knocked you out cold. I pushed them to the ground and carried you to Luna's. Um... what’s your next class Ryry?" He asked me.

"Hm please don't call me Ryry, call me Ryan. And my next class...AP English. You?"

"Same. Hey, I uh...want to talk to you about something before we go to class."

"Uh, o-okay..." Brendon dragged me by the hand into the restroom. Pinned me against the wall and kissed my collar bone. "Brendon? What, what are you doing?" I groan.

"You, had a uh... bruise. I thought I’d kiss it better. So if you’re not gay, are you straight?"

"No, I'm not gay but I'm not straight. I'm um, bi." I moan.

"Great." He was now looking me in the face. "You did an amazing job with your make-up Ryan." He traced each swirl, then firmly but gently pressed his soft lips against mine all I could think of was Yes... oh this feels so good, I've been waiting for this. This feels, uhhh.... "Ryan." He broke from the kiss. He was breathing hard. "We should get to class." He said between breaths. We walked out of the restroom and towards class. "Jon's not in this class. He’s on the other side of the building. But my friend Spencer is in this building."

"Spencer? Spencer Smith?" I asked, my voice filled with excitement.

"You know him?"

"Yeah, he was my best friend till he moved to a different school district, then I never heard from him again. Can't believe he’s in this school!" I hugged Brendon then quickly let go. Physical contact is my worst fear. I don't know why I hugged him. We walked into the class room and stood by the teacher.

"Mr. Ross? Introduce yourself to the inter class room." I turned and faced them all. Man it's been so long since I've seen Spence. Last time I saw him I was in 5th grade and he 4th. So I didn't know what he looked like so I stopped scanning the room for him. I spotted Brendon and saw him talking to some boy. Spencer I guess.

"Uh, hi I'm Ry-"

"Full name Mr. Ross.”

"My name is..." I harshly spit out "George" then the rest came softly "Ryan Ross III, but please call me Ryan"

"Ryan?! Dude! It's been awhile!" The boy Brendon was talking to stood up "Remember me? It's Spence!" I smiled from ear to ear

"Spencer! It's been a long time!" I shout, he comes up to hug me but I move away, then he grabbed my shoulder and pulled me into a hug. I move out of the hug and stare at the floor "I don't like physical contact. So please don't touch me."

"Why? Is it your-"

"No! What gave you that idea!?" I quickly interrupted him.


"Mr. Smith, Mr. Ross! It's nice to have a little reunion but sit down!" the teacher scolds.

"How long have you guys known each other?" Brendon asked.

"Since I was in 5th grade and he in 4th. What grade are you in Brendon?"

"I'm in 11th grade. You?"

"I'm in 12th grade. I'm a year older and a year wiser." I joke.

"Mr. Urie, would you be happy to tell us two poems by the famous poet Edgar Allan Poe?" She asked her back to us and at the chalk board waiting for his response.

"Uh...Oh! Annabel Lee is one! I know that for a fact! And... um... starts with The... The Black Bird... The Bird... The Crow?" I shake my head and wrote down The Raven and passed to him "The Raven!"

"Correct Mr. Urie." brrrring! The sweet sound of class dismissed. Two more classes to go, yippee. Luckily Spencer was in my next class. Brendon parted with a goodbye, and blew a kiss to both of us.

"Does he do that all the time?" I asked Spencer.

"What? Blows a kiss goodbye? Yeah, he does. He’s silly that way. So how have you been? How has your father been?" He bitterly spit out father as we walk to our next class.

"Uh I'm good I've taken guitar lessons like I wanted. I can play piano too! Um, I've taken a few vocal lessons but quit after the 5th one. I didn't feel like taking singing lesson's. Um…my dad stopped you know...abusing me..." I lied "Um...he still is a drunken bastard but you know, all's fair in love and war! Um...I moved to a new school obviously. So yeah, how have you been?"

"Oh, I'm fine. I took drum lessons, and I'm a good student. B's, C's and A's. But mostly B's. You?"

"Still a straight A student. Hard habit to get out of but it's fun pushing to get an A." brrrring! Class starts.
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