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Ficwad can be scary as hell; if you fuck with us

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More advice kind of thing, but I will make it MCR related

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First off, you fuck with us; we will bite, hard as hell
Us fuckwadians if you will, stand up for each other; fuck something up? Have a bad day, not the best family life?
Post it here, but DON'T JOKE ABOUT IT
-Don't joke about self harm
-Don't joke about suicide
-Don't EVER tell someone they are worthless and should kill themselves
-Just remember we care about you, and know what your going through (to a certain point)

'Kay, if we bitch at you for trolling or fucking with one of us.. Dont start saying shit like
"I'm going to kill myself!"
"I am so much fucking better than you bitches!"
"Go fuck yourself"
Really our little 'family' isn't afraid to stand up, so if you have the balls to start doing shit to one of our authors, have the balls to hear us fight
Don't listen to the trolls claiming we will hate you ; we are a very welcoming community (really I got here and felt suddenly accepted)

More in the MCR category,
Don't be posting about how your going to kill yourself for attention (I feel the need to stress about kidding with suicide)
But do you think our fabulous MCR boys would want you killing yourself over a bad rating, reveiw or anything in general?
Gerard knows what its like to totally hit rock bottom, and Mikey overcame depression; I don't know about you guys but that gives me hope

Write something; and even if you dont get reveiws, keep it up; there could be users who are 'silent readers' (read but don't comment or anything) and those who don't have an account.
Trust me, you will gain that kind of relationship with your readers, I have some (and had) who would stand up for me (makes you feel amazing).
Hell, tell me if your starting one and I will read it, reveiw too.

Don't say you or anyone is 'emo', or 'fag', so what someone self harms, unless you have been there, don't stamp them with shit, and who cares if their attracted to a person from the same sex, love is love.

Last thing before I go, be nice to everyone; trust me, like my parents taught me, being polite and kind will get you farther than being an ignorant ass (they taught me growing up)

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