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Angel tears

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Anna is on holidays and will get to see Layla her girlfriend but when layla has bad news how will anna take it ?

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It was a cold winter’s day and Anna sat in her room listening to music. She couldn’t wait to see her girlfriend Layla. Layla was everything to Anna and Layla knew that. They had been together for three years. Anna loved Layla because Layla wasn’t like any other girl, Layla wasn’t afraid to be loud, wasn’t afraid to do anything…it was around 2:30pm when Anna got ready to go to the airport and pick up Layla. When Anna got there she sore Layla, ran straight over to her and hugged her “I missed you so much” said Anna with excitement in her voice “I missed you too honey” said Layla starting to cry of happiness. They walked back to Anna’s house and went straight to Anna’s room so Layla could unpack. “So how was your holiday hun?” asked Anna helping Layla unpack. “Oh it was um wonderful but not as wonderful as you darling” said Layla as she walked over to her beloved Anna and kissed her. “Aww honey” said Anna hugging Layla. Later that night Anna was awaken by crying, she listen for a bit it sounded like it was coming for the bathroom, so Anna got up and went to the bathroom, she open the door real slow to find Layla on the floor crying. Anna rushed over to her and hugged her “what’s wrong?” asked Anna. “Well i went to the doctors and he said that i had cancer and i only had 2 weeks to live" cried Layla. Anna was shocked the person she had loved for so long was going to die. Anna hugged Layla as tight as she could and started to cry. “Don’t worry my angel I will make sure you have the best two weeks of your life” said Anna getting up off the floor and helping Layla up. “But I don’t want to leave you I love you so much” said Layla still crying a little. “I know but you got to say strong and don’t even think of your cancer okay because the next two weeks are just you and me” said Anna trying to cheer up her loved one “ yeah plus our love is too strong to be broken” said Layla smiling “ that’s right” said Anna . Later that day Layla and Anna went for a walk on the beach, and walked along the beach side it had become dark now but they didn’t care they spent a good hour on the beach talking and laughing. “I really had a fun time with you tonight Anna you made me feel like the luckiest person in the world” said Layla smiling.” Honey this is just the start of what I have planned for you” and with that statement Anna kissed Layla in front of the moonlit water. The next day Anna thought she would make Layla breakfast in bed, so Anna snuck out of the bedroom quietly and went down stairs to Layla’s Breakfast. Once she had finish making Layla’s breakfast she got a rose from the garden and went upstairs. She open the door and woke Layla up “good morning my queen I made you breakfast” said Anna laying the food on the bed and kissing Layla’s forehead. “Aww thankyou sweetheart but you really didn’t have to do all of this” said Layla in a sleepy voice. “I know but I wanted to” said Anna climbing back into bed next Layla. “Well thankyou” said Layla sitting up and eating her breakfast. “No problem and I got a surprise for you once you finish your breakfast but you got to get dressed and I’ll have to drive you there “and with that said Layla finished her breakfast, got dressed and hoped in the car. “No looking though okay” said Anna sitting in the drivers sit and putting a blind fold on Layla. “Okay if you say so”. They arrived at the place. Anna hoped out of the car and helped Layla out. “Well here we are” said Anna taking off Layla’s blindfold. “Oh My God is Amazing darling” said Layla as she looked at the giant love heart statue. “Go ahead babe read what it says”. So Layla walked up to the status and read it, it said “with every breath I take I take for you, with every step I take I take for you, you are my soul my heart my world”. “Aww honey that’s so sweet thank you” Layla said walking back over to Layla and hugging her. A week had gone past And Anna continued to slow her love for Layla… Anna walked up to her room to wake Layla up but when she open the door she sore Layla on the floor paler than usual. Anna rushed over to her “Layla, Layla can you hear me?” But Anna got no answer, Anna quickly rang the ambulance. Once the Ambulance was here they put Layla in the van “I want to go with her” said Anna “you can’t miss” said the guy hoping into the van but before Anna could say something the Ambulance was gone. Hours had gone by and Anna had been waiting in the hospital to hear from the doctors. Finely after what had felt like forever the doctor had come out “miss it seems that we miss calculated how bad Layla’s cancer was. I’m sorry she’s dead”. There were no words for how Anna was feeling, And even know she knew Layla had cancer and would die , she couldn’t believe that the one person she cared about was gone. The next day they had Layla’s funeral. It was hard for Anna to see her loved one in a coffin but she knew Layla was in a better place now. A place where she was free to live her life how she wanted, after the funeral Anna placed three black roses on her grave. A week had passed since the death of Anna’s loved one, Anna seemed more depressed then ever she didn’t get out of bed she just laid there crying. How could she go on knowing the person she loved died, it wasn’t fair why did Layla have to go? It’s not like Layla was a bad person. But that’s fate for you. One night while Anna was sleeping she heard her name being called she sat up to find Layla at the end of her bed “what are you doing here?” asked Anna shocked. “Honey like I said our love is too strong to be broken I wasn’t going to leave you just because I had cancer but I have to tell you someone thing, I can only visit you this once but I want you to stay strong” and with that Anna woke up. Anna knew she couldn’t stay strong not without her love but she would try for her Layla. Anna was doing well, but she couldn’t stay by herself otherwise her mind would take over. So she decided to go live with her brother for a bit. “Thank you so much for letting me stay” said Anna giving her brother Greg a hug. “No problem sis” said Greg taking Anna’s stuff. Greg was wonderful to Anna he always treated her like she was a queen and Anna didn’t mind but Greg was the only family member that would talk to Anna , because she was bisexual and her family were like big christens they didn’t want anything to do with Anna but Anna didn’t mind at all… It was around 5:00pm when Anna got back from work and she was tired so she decided to go have nap, when she woke she looked at the time it was 12:00am, problem was now she couldn’t get back to sleep so she decided to go for a walk even know she wasn’t supposed to be alone, she grab her bag (which she took everywhere) and went for a walk she walked to Layla’s grave she couldn’t bare it anymore… Greg woke to go check on Anna but when he open the door he found she was missing and her bag and knowing what was inside he knew he didn’t have much time he hoped in his car and drove to the grave knowing that’s where she would be. He hoped out of the car to find Anna with a gun held to her head. “Don’t do it Anna!” yelled Greg running over to her “ why give me one good reason and don’t give me any religious mumbo jumbo “ said Anna still holding the gun to her head “just because Layla’s gone doesn’t mean you have to give up now please put the gun down “said Greg slowly walking over to Anna “It’s not just that it’s what has happen in my life you know I have had a bad life and you know Layla was the only good thing that had happen in my life”. And it was true too Greg did know how horrible her life was and how Layla was the only good things that happen in her life but doesn’t mean he could let his little sister give up her life… “I know but don’t give up yet you don’t know what could lie ahead in the future” said Greg still slowly walking to his sis. “Only hurt and pain lies ahead and you know that I’m sorry I can’t take it anymore”. And with that the gun was fired. But Anna was still alive she looked to find her brother on the ground with a gun shot in his arm. He had jumped and had hit the gun making it turn and shoot him in the arm. Anna went to see if his brother was okay “Greg why did you stop me?” asked Anna leaning down and pulling out her first aid kit. “Because you’re only young you can’t just throw away your life it’s not worth it. I know you have been to hell and back but do you really think it’s worth killing yourself?” asked Greg sitting there while Anna bandaged his arm. “Well yes I do I can’t handle it anymore it’s too hard” Anna said and started to cry. Greg just held her little sister in her arms while she cried. “It’s okay I’m here to help you”. Said Greg holding her sister tightly as it began to rain, Anna just kept crying “let’s get out of this rain” said Greg getting up and carrying his sister to the car. When they got home Greg sat Anna got the sofa and got her a blanket. “You just sit and watch some TV okay I’m going to go do something real quick okay” said Greg turning the TV on and when to his room. Anna sat there watching the TV til her brother came back. “Are you going to say something Anna?” asked Greg but he got no answer. “Anna?” Greg asked again but still no answer he was a bit worried he had never seen his sister like this before. He got up and walked to the phone and rang a doctor “hello this the local hospital how may I help you?” asked a male voice “yes this is Greg Hall Anna’s brother, Anna seems to be just sitting in front of the TV not talking to me when I talk. “Oh well maybe she is just going through a phase” said the male voice “you’re a doctor and all you can say is Oh well maybe she’s just going through a phase that’s it some type of doctor you thanks for nothing” yelled Greg, slammed down the phone and went back over to Anna “Anna please say something” said Greg basically pleading for her sister to say something. “ Greg I can’t go on anymore its two much” said Anna “but we can get through this okay I think you need to rest, come on I’ll take you to your room” said Greg picked up Anna and carried her to her room and laid her on the bed. “Sleep please I’ll be back to check on you soon” said Greg as he left the room. Anna got up once Greg left locked the door and started to cry. She couldn’t do it anymore how could she go on without Layla, She has tried to do it but she just couldn’t but she couldn’t leave her brother. What should she do seriously she was so confused and sad she just felt like screaming… “Anna, Anna let me in unlock this door” said Greg knocking on the door, Anna got up open the door and hugged Greg as tightly as she could. “Greg I’m so confused help me” said Anna starting to cry. “I will, I will” said Greg hugging her sister back. It had been a week since Anna tried anything. So Greg thought he could go to the shop and leave Anna here alone. So Greg left to go shopping. When he came back he found a note on the fridge it said “Greg you have been an amazing brother but I have had too much pain in my life and seeing Layla die was the last I could handle I’m sorry. ~love Anna”. Greg ran to the bathroom and sure enough he found Anna on the floor with a bottle of pills in her hand. The very next day they had a funeral, Greg and a couple friends were the only people there and Greg wanted to say a couple of words. “Anna you were a smart bright person you could do anything you set your mind to you just couldn’t handle it anymore. I hope you have a better life where you are love you little sis” and with that the funeral ended and no one ever forgot Layla or Anna.
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