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Reviewing Fics via Voice Recordings :D

by ShadowSouls 7 reviews

Bored. So I'm going to review your fics using vocaroo. Sumbit, submit, submit.

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Ahoy dere lassies,

I've been bored for a couple of hours now. With literally NOTHING to do, and I'm fearing that I'm losing my head. I'm not even in the mood to write anything, and I've been really pissy at everyone.

So, I was hoping ya'll could change my mood and submit yo fics here for me to critique. I'm going to give my 100% honest opinion and I'm going to do it via voice recordings because I just don't want to type.

I'll review only Frank/Gerard fics. Please no other pairings (especially OC's, dear lord no) because frerard is the only pairing I'm comfortable with reading, for some reason. Eh, whatever. Submit yo fics, please. Give me something to pass the time before I loose my nuts.

-Poison Ivy

P.S: You can even submit other people's shit. Just FYI.
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