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A Hymn to the Vampires

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My first attempt at a song...give it a read? :3

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Published: 2012-06-30 - Updated: 2012-06-30 - 207 words

Now you're back agian,
Back from the dead again,
And if you could speak,
Would you tell me what you gained
From all those wasted years,
From all those useless tears?
But the Devil took away your mouth,
So I guess we'll never know.
But could you just show
Me what it means?

'Cause I'm stuck between a
rock and a hard spot.
I love you, and you say it's true,
And then you just suck the blood dry
From my veins.

I replace it with my injections,
But I can''t fill this void
Opening up in me.
And as I run the knife along my wrist,
Could you add another twist
To the story, and save me?
Will you wake me
From this dream I'm living in?
Or maybe just put the gun
To my head and shoot me
Through my skull?
This world is more than I can take.


My veins run dry...
I feel like I could fly...
But it''s all just a nightmare,
Coming from the poison I inhale.
And as the clouds form your face,
I climb to the greateset heights
To just be any place but here.


Maybe I should just lay back
And die with you...
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