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I don’t think I like my Dad.

I loved him so much when I was little, before he got with Paula. One night at Mom’s house, when I was getting ready to go to bed, I started crying and yelling that I wanted my Dad. Mom had to phone him up and I talked to him over the phone until I had calmed down and was ready to get into bed. I’d see him on Friday. For one night. Just like I’d done every week ever since I was two years old.

I also remember sitting at the kitchen table and asking “Daddy? When I grow up will you marry me?” Of course he found it hilarious and explained to me that the two of us couldn’t get married when we were older.

Nowadays I’m not so keen on him. I still go over on a Friday though I don’t see why I bother really. That’s the night that Dad goes to Mikey’s house until eight o clock. By that point, I’m in my bedroom, taking advantage of the Wi-Fi. When he gets home, he talks to me for two seconds then goes back downstairs and watches TV. The only good things about going to Dad’s house are the wifi, Kyle, Jasmine and Anna.

Jasmine and Anna are my step-sisters. Jasmine’s twenty and Anna’s seventeen. Kyle is Jasmine’s two year old son so I guess that makes him my nephew. He calls me ‘Auntie Abbie’ but I never feel like I’m really his auntie. If Dad broke up with Paula, I’d probably never see him again anyway.

Dad probably thinks he’s the best Dad in the world because every Saturday he gives me a lift up to the town centre and then hands me ten pounds to spend. That’s all the quality time I get.

Perhaps I’d forgive him for that but there are some things he does that irritate me. For example, he moans that I never talk to him yet when I once tried to start a conversation with him he got mad. He gave me ten pounds like he normally does and I said “Thanks, now I can get Taylor a birthday present.” And he replied in a sarcastic voice “How nice for Taylor.” Am I missing something? Did I actually do something wrong or was he just being unreasonable?

Another thing he does is drag me down to Dorset. I’m sure Dorset is a lovely town it’s just that I have to spend all that time with my Nan. Which is about as fun as watching paint dry. We watch TV all day. Go to the pub at night. I sit alone and watch everyone else get drunk. Then we come home, I go to sleep and the next morning we take the three hour drive back home. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t go. Gerard and Mikey don’t have to go. Dad gave up on taking Mikey but he still askes Gerard if he wants to go and obviously, Gerard says no. Dad doesn’t ask me. He just tells me that we’re going to Dorset and I have to put up with it.

My Dad doesn’t like me. He hasn’t liked me for a long time. He adored me when I was little girl because I had wavy blonde hair, wore pink dresses and I was outgoing. I was basically the perfect daughter when I was little. But I changed. Of course I changed, everybody does. I dyed my blonde hair black, started listening to rock music and stopped wearing pink dresses. The trouble with my Dad is, he wanted me to be a little girl forever. And when I grew up, he didn’t like it.

Saying that, I hate my step-dad Mark as well. Especially the time he called me a fatass, I told him to stop being so rude and he replied “You should’ve heard what your Dad said then.” I just snorted and he said “Oh and you think I’m joking?” I hate him for that. I hate him for acting immature and trying to get a re-action out of me like that. I know my Dad doesn’t like me but he didn’t have to go and rub it in my face.

Men and boys are just trouble. If they’re all like Mark, my Dad and Gerard.

[A/N] – Sorry for lack of updates, I've been pretty busy! (Check my AN in Adopted for details :L) Hopefully I'll be updating more before I go to Spain! :)
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