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Chapter Nine

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Rowan opened her eyes to find the bed empty beside her. Carefully getting up so as not to shock herself with the bright morning, she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and let out a small yawn. The room had been cleaned up a little and she kicked herself for having slept through the movement. She got off the bed, fixing it up and then noticed the a small note on the bedside table. ‘Get cleaned up and then come downstairs…J.” Softly she smiled to herself and hurried into the bathroom. There were spare items for getting herself cleaned up and in a moment she was done.

Tugging on her sweater she quietly opened the bedroom door and was immediately hit with the smell of breakfast coming from the kitchen. Only then did she realize how hungry she was. She made her way to the kitchen and smiled when she laid eyes on him.

His back was to her, his denim jacket covering his thin frame. His hair was in a slightly messy ponytail at the nape of his neck and black pants hung on his hips. She watched him for a moment, a gentle warmth filling her at the sight of his sudden peacefulness. He had fallen asleep in her eyes the night before and she hadn’t asked about the tears that he had let fall before he had passed out. She knew how he wasn’t quite ready to share everything with her and she was alright with that because he had let her see a side of him that she was sure no one else had really seen before.

“Good morning…” She softly said, breaking his concentration and causing him to turn around to face her. She wasn’t exactly prepared to see him yet, the brilliant blue of his eyes glistening in the light pouring in from the window.

He smiled at her contentedly and beckoned her to come to him. “Hope you slept well…”

She made a small noise of agreement and went to stand near him at the stove. “Why didn’t you wake me?” She asked, watching the pancake batter in the pan begin to finish.

“You looked too peaceful.” He replied, putting the spatula in his hand to the pan.

“Don’t burn it.” She said with a small laugh.

He looked her, a wide smile on his face and he tossed her a small wink. “Promise I won’t.” And with that he took the pancake out and switched off the stove.

They stood at the counter top after he apologized a few times about having nowhere conventional for her to sit. She enjoyed the pancakes immensely especially the raspberries that he had strewn on top. She praised him a few times and he took the compliments with a wave of his hand and a slightly modest laugh.

“Rowan…can I ask you something?” He asked once the kitchen was cleaned up and there was nothing left to do.

She put the last plate in the cabinet and nodded. She looked to him, a sweet smile on her face. She studied his eyes as they softened towards her. Everything that meant something to her now was wrapped up in his existence. She could have spent forever like this and nothing else outside of this life would have mattered. She wanted this with him and the only thing she hoped was that he did too.

He blinked away whatever thoughts began to roam his eyes and he looked away, pushing the fallen strands of his hair behind his ear. “Could you come with me today? Everyone’s meeting up at The Lab…” He looked back to her then, suddenly vulnerable and hating how it felt. When had he become like this? Needing someone there to support him in the deepest and darkest ways? He rubbed his hands almost nervously on his pants. “…Don’t really want to go alone.”

She sighed a little, somewhat relieved that she wasn’t faced with such a heavy question and yet a little let down that it was something like that. Despite all of it though she was glad that he had asked her, had thought high enough of her to include her in something like that.

“Yes of course I’ll go Jared…I’m just going to go change at my place okay?”

He nodded and let her wrap her arms gently around him. He took in her scent, the way it breathed off her skin so delicately. He wanted to say so much more, give all of this more meaning but the ache in his soul refused to allow him that step. So when she pulled from the embrace he only gave her half a smile and watched her walk away. He was going to prepare himself to see that, after all everyone left didn’t they?
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