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Chapter 14

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Hi guys, sorry for the wait, I just havent been able to think of what to write... so hopefully you guys enjoy this? And you guys better appreciate it because I wrote this on my birthday, well, actually this is pretty much all I can do to entertain myself as my family has decided (yet again for the 7th year in a row) that netball is far more important than me, so I'm home alone... woo, happy birthday to me, I would have birthday cuddles with my cat, but even he doesnt like me and will scratch the shit out of me if I go anywhere near him... haha oh well :) enjoy!

Frank’s POV

I ran as fast as I could, my heart racing from both the physical exertion and fear, sweat coating my skin, making me feel clammy and uncomfortable, but I didn’t care, I had to get away, from him, from my past, from all of the dickheads at my school, from everything… I had heard Gerard call out after me when I ran, but he didn’t attempt to follow me, my rational mind knew that he would be able to catch me easily if he wanted to, but the rest of my mind was screaming at me to run away, as fast as I could until I found somewhere safe. There was only one place I felt safe.

Get to Mikey’s house, get to Mikey’s house, I thought, everything will be fine then, just get to Mikey’s house. I kept running, my chest was heaving and my heart pounding, I really need to quit smoking! I felt so relieved when I saw Mikey’s house, I pulled my key out of my pocket and rammed it in the lock, trying to get in as quickly as possible. I rushed through the door and slammed it behind me. Fuck! I thought, I’d left my bag at school… I reached into my pocket to grab my phone and texted Mikey.

Could you please grab my bag and bring it home? I can’t go back there…

I jumped in shock, dropping my phone and fumbling with shaking hands to pick it up when Mikey’s reply came almost instantly.

What?! What happened? Are you okay? Do you need a hospital? I’m coming home right now!

No! I didn’t want him here right now! I needed time to myself to think about things! To figure all of this out! But I knew there was no point in telling Mikey not to come, he wouldn’t listen to me. Less than two minutes later Mikey came rushing through the door, both of our bags slung over one shoulder each. How had he gotten here so fast?

“Are you okay? What happened?” he asked frantically, concern showing clearly in both his voice and his face.
“I-I don’t know…” I stuttered as I went through all that had happened today. It couldn’t be real… could it? Am I going insane? Is Gerard insane? Is he actually just some nutter who is convinced he is a vampire? But he killed my father and Jace! Who knew how many others he has killed…. And if it is all true, if he is actually a vampire… he must have killed thousands… Human or not, Gerard is trouble, and the best thing to do is stay away from him, I thought, but then, if he is so bad, why does the thought of not ever talking to him again hurt so much?

“Frank! Are you there? Hello!” said Mikey as he waved his hand in front of my face, I was startled by this so I jumped back, landing awkwardly on my foot and tumbling to the ground.
“S-sorry… lost in my thoughts,” I said quietly as I slowly got up, my entire body shaking, possible from shock, or still from fear.
“What happened?” asked Mikey softly, his features softening as he tried to calm me down.
“G-Gerard, he told me something… I-I don’t kn-know if it’s true b-but-“ As I was explaining what had happened, I noticed something about Mikey… something that I had never noticed before, maybe it was just because I wasn’t looking for it, or maybe I had seen them before but never put any thought into it, but there it was, staring me right in the face, in Mikey’s mouth, towards the back where no one would normally see them, were two long, gleaming white fangs. I knew without a doubt now that Gerard was a vampire, but he wasn’t the only one, Mikey was too.

yes, I know it was short, sorry, but please tell me what you thought?
-Sarah xx
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