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Just Like Kisses on the Necks of Best Friends

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Peterick oneshot type deal. It's Patrick's birthday and Pete takes him to Walmart. FOr the hell of it. (Okay, see, I kinda made this like a few months ago on his actual birthday and put it on DA...

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((More AN like things..
I know it's not that great but I'm not rewriting it. Sorry. I'm in the process of making new ones, though! ;u; I'm not really sure what genre this is um..I know it's not very funny but oh well))

Every birthday is another chance to celebrate the fact that, hey, you're aging. And you're getting one step closer to knocking on Deaths door. Or, at least, that's how Patrick Stump was beginning to see it. It wasn't that he hated his birthday, he just realized that he didn't enjoy the reality of getting older. Like most people.

Having absolutely no motivation whatsoever, Patrick lay in bed, sprawled out under the pale blue of his sheets. After a long series grunts and turning his body differently, he was even less intentional on getting out of his bed.
Meaning he was in the perfect position to sleep for another 3 hours.
But, with Patricks luck, he knew that wasn't going to happen.
The phone placed on the oak bedside table next to him immediately began going off and started slowly vibrating its way to the edge of the stand.
He sighed, suddenly jolted from sleep, and lazily reached an arm out to answer,
flipping open the phone and muttering a groggy 'hello' into the speaker, only to be greeted with a loud, overly enthusiastic 'Happy birthday' screamed into the receiver. Sitting up and sleepily rubbing a hand over his face, he muttered into the phone
'Hi nice of you to wake me..'.
On the other end of the phone issued Pete's own tired voice 'I'll be over in....soon.'
''s okay I'm not even-'
With that came the click of the receiver and Patrick decided to get up.

'Pete, where the hell are you taking me?'
Precisely 20 minutes ago Patrick was staring at his figure in the mirror, clad in boxers and socks, wishing he was back in bed.
Within those 20 minutes, Patrick had gotten dressed, made coffee (not getting around to drinking it though), and rushed out of his house by his best friend. 'You'll see', he murmured.
Patrick hoped like hell Pete wasn't taking him to a strip joint again. The first time he ever went was when Pete snuck him into one when they were teenagers. He almost got a lap dance, until he told her she 'wasn't his type' and that she should 'try harder to get somewhere in life'. And he hasn't been back to one since.
But, before he could question Pete, they were pulling into the parking lot of..Walmart.
'Seriously? Pete. What the fu-'
'Patrick, I want to see how many people will recognize you. Then I'll give you your present.'
Mental facepalm.
Patrick heaved a deep sigh and told him 'I swear to god, Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III, if it's your penis with a bow around it again-'
'Not this time, buddy.' Pete smiled.
After clambering out of the car and making their way into the store, Patrick with his head ducked down, Pete reached out and put an arm around his shoulder.
'Don't touch me.'Patrick sighed, shrugging away from Pete.
Pete chuckled and sauntered off to look at his favorite article of clothing- hoodies.
Patrick stood there, suddenly feeling bored, alone, and slightly hungry.
Cursing Pete, he stormed off, not sure where he was intending on going.
He'd already made it to the frozen food aisle and found himself staring intensely at a sausage pizza.
'Er...excuse me..sir? I uh...don't mean to..bother you but, could you get me one of those pizzas you seem to be so fixated upon?'
Patricks head snapped up and he looked at the girl shyly. 'Oh..of course. I'm sorry..'
After handing her the frozen pizza, he realized she was gazing at him intently.
He smiled awkwardly at her and glanced back at the freezers.
She coughed and looked at the ground, the corners of her mouth twitching slightly.
'Well...uh...Hate to ruin the awkwardness, but, I'm afraid I have to go..Thanks for though..' the girl smiled coyly and swayed slightly. Patrick just nodded, flustered and bid her good-bye, going off to search for Pete again.

As it turns out, people did recognize them. Not that Patrick took any notice. Pete did though. He bathed in the attention. As they sat there at the light off somewhere from Walmart, Patricks thoughts directed themselves back to the girl he'd 'met' in a way. Instead of thinking she was gorgeous and wishing he could see her again, he felt the whole situation was totally awkward and made him feel uncomfortable. Although, the girl did seem potentially nice.
'So, Trick..time for your gift..' Pete smirked.
Patrick scooted away slightly.
'Here's the thing....ehm..there isn't really one. So I figured I'd see if you wanted to come to my place, watch some TV some..stuff?'
Patrick rolled his eyes. 'Sure Pete. Sounds like good fun.'

As they pulled into the driveway, it was already one in the afternoon.
Once inside Petes house, Patrick flopped himself onto the couch.
Pete slipped into the kitchen for a few minutes, and when he came back out he had a plate in his arms.
'No. Way.' Patrick said as Pete handed him the plate. 'How did you get my mom to make pumpkin squares..?' He asked looking up at Pete smiling.
Pete merely shrugged. 'Because I love you, dude.'
Patrick paused and glared at him.
Pete snickered 'Trust me, if I did- in THAT sense, that is- you'd have a much more.. pleasurable birthday.' He winked.
Patrick shook his head, laughing. 'Well, thanks Pete..'
Pete flopped down next to him, flipping the TV on. After realizing nothing was on, he stood up and went to his stereo, pressing power.
After a moment of static, Grand Theft Autumn started pounding through the speakers.
Patrick squealed and dropped the now empty plate, shattering it.
'Oh..Sorry!' He shouted over his own 18 year old vocals.
Pete shrugged, turning the volume down significantly. 'I didn't like it anyway.' he said, gesturing to the plate.
Patrick nodded, picking up the shards of plate and setting them on the table, too lazy to get up and move.
Pete slid back onto the couch next to the shorter man, resting his head on his shoulder.
Patrick shifted awkwardly and Pete elbowed him in the side.
'Don't worry...I'm just laying here.' Pete smiled.
Patrick sighed and shifted back closer to his best friend, their warm figures pressed together.
Within 5 minutes, Pete was already asleep.
Patrick smiled and continued staring at whatever happened to be on the TV at the moment.
Not long after, Patrick found himself dosing of as well.
Thinking to himself that he couldn't have had a better day without Pete.
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