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Get Out Alive

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Slight Frerard~ Based on the song 'Get Out Alive' by Three Days Grace.~Slight Frerard

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NOTE: I changed their names. Frank is 'Thomas' and Gerard is 'Arthur'.

Their shadows danced and swirled in the misty moonlit trail. They moved in sync and looked beautifully peaceful. The calming silence was the soundtrack to the magnificent dance. The long branches of the large willow trees hung over the two figures. Nothing could ruin the beauty of the love-filled moment. But suddenly in the far off distance, the sound of ringing bells could be heard.

In hearing the church bells, the two dancing people quickly stopped dancing and started running. They heard the running trots of running horses from afar. They were both trying not to breathe heavily as they ran but it was a difficult task. As they continued to run the older man fell to the ground and hissed in pain.

"Arthur! Are you alright, dear? Are you hurt?!" The brunette asked, startled.

"No, I hurt my ankle, love. Do not worry." replied the raven haired man, as he attempted to get up but failing after realizing it was broken. The trots were started to sound louder and closer.

"Can you get up, dear? Should I carry you?" the shorter man asked, slightly alarmed by the sound of horses.

"No." the older man answered simply.

"Please, please let me help you, my love. If we don't leave now, they catch us. Then they will kill us, just loving each other. Please let me carry you." begged the younger man

"No, my love. It's too late. I know that you won't be able to carry me. It's too much of a burden. Just go. It is going to be okay. Just know that I will always love you. Go."

"No, Arthur. I cannot go. I will not make it without you. If you are killed, I want to go with you."

"Thomas, I will be disappointed if you do not go now. I want you to go. Please." Arthur said, voice thick with tears. Thomas remained silent, but none the less nodded.

"Okay, If you want to get out alive, please run for your life. I can only hope that you make it to the other side. Now please go, and never forget. I love you."

"I love you too.... Goodbye."

"No time for goodbye. Because goodbye is forever and I know this won't be forever. I'll see you again; Someday. Let it be in Heaven, let it be in Hell. It does not matter I just know I will see you again."

Thomas got up off the ground and ran. He kept running and climb up a near-by tree. He just sat on a limb of the tree and watched, He saw the light of lanterns and men on horses reaching Arthur. He wanted to scream but clasped a hand over his mouth. He saw them talk for a bit and then they all threw their burning lanterns at him. The sound of his pained scream could be heard all around and made Thomas cringe in heartbreak. He was watching the love of his life being burned alive, just because of their relationship. And he could do nothing. Nothing. All he could do was watch him die while he lived.

After the men left, he climbed down the tree and ran. He kept running and didn't look back. Not once. He just kept running.


Yep, that was weird. Yeah, I kinda changed their names because it fit better for like the old style on the story.... Hope you liked.

~Pansy XØ
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