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The Stolen Rose

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Random story I made. May have some eggamy later

Category: Sonic the Hedgehog - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Amy Rose,Dr. Robotnik - Published: 2012-07-02 - Updated: 2012-07-02 - 402 words

Amy opened the door of her house. It was the weekend, so she decided to go for a walk. She walked around Station Square. When the walk was over, Amy turned around and got ready to walk home, but suddenly bumped into something hard. "Oof!" she groaned, stumbling to the ground. "Amy, your timing is impeccable!" said a voice. Amy rubbed her forehead. Everything was a blur. "Who said that..," she mumbled. "Me," said the man, looking down at her. Then her blurring stopped. She was staring at something metal. She stood up to see what it was. She took a step back. "Dr. Eggman!" she cried. "Aaaaahh!!!!!!!" Amy screamed, and attempted to run away, but Eggman blocked her path and cornered her. "What do you want from me!" "Do you really have to ask?" Eggman took out a metal retractable claw. It stretched out to grab Amy, but she snatched her hammer and would've struck the claw if it hadn't grabbed it and threw it to the side. "Now be a good little hedgehog and hold still," Eggman demanded, aiming the claw at Amy.
"If I can have my hammer back I'll hold still," Amy promised. "If you be good, maybe later." "Fine..," Amy groaned, holding still, folding her arms. The claw reached out and tightened around her. She twisted around, trying to adjust to the claw. When she was used to it, Amy continued to fold her arms and glared at Eggman. "A little rough, are we?" He smirked. Amy sighed. They were in the forest, heading for Eggman's base. "Anyways, Eggman, how come you always go after me? Why not Cream or something?" Amy asked. "Two reasons," stated Eggman. He put one finger up. "One, your easy to catch." He then held two fingers up. "And two," he continued, "I think Sonic likes you. If I took Cream, he'd look hard, but not as hard as he'd look for you." 'He likes me?' Amy thought, her cheeks turning a light pink. Eggman nodded, as if he were reading her mind. Eggman's floaty thing landed. Eggman entered a code, and then the bark came off of a tree, revealing a hidden path of concrete stairs, leading deep underground. Eggman released the claw, and it released Amy. 'I can't make a run for it, because Eggman's right behind me!' She slowly walked down the steps. Eggman followed her down.
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