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Before Today

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Before Today

Before today I didn’t know your name.
Now, your name
is my world.
As I lie in my bed,
gently crying myself to sleep,
it is the one thing
running through my mind.

Before today I had never seen your face.
Now, your face
is the most brilliant thing I
have ever seen.
As I sit on my computer,
typing meaningless words,
it is the one thing
that inspires me.

Before today I had never heard you speak.
Now, your voice
is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.
As I lie on the floor,
rambling to myself,
I repeat the words
you said to me today.

Before today I felt like nothing.
Now, my world
is brighter than it ever was
thanks to you.
As I close my eyes,
lulling into a dreamless sleep,
I can finally feel that
tomorrow will be a better day.
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