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Nine in the Afternoon

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Twilight Parody that you auditioned for!!

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Chapter One- New Perspective

I glanced over Abby, clutching my prey close to me so it couldn't escape.
"No, please, don't!!" The wriggling prostitute between my arms cried. Abby smirked evilly before slowly sinking her fangs into the other whore's neck.
"Sorry sweetie, it's my birthday and you're my cake," I whispered before latching my mouth onto her neck and draining her blood.

"One, twenty one guns, lay down your arms, give up the fight...." Sam and Ash sang along to Green Day as we drove to school. Sam Benjamine Alexx was my best friend. She was like us, and when I say us, I mean me, Ash, Leigha, Abby, Jon, Spencer, Gerard, Mikey, Bob, Ray and Frank. Yeah, we've got a massive-ass family. My mom and dad, Hozzie and Jack Barakat, can't have kids for a few reasons and so decided to adopt. And adopt they did. Ash is my sister, unfortunately. We came as a package deal!!

"BRENDON!" Ash yelled, snapping me out of my trance.
"Jeez, woman, what?" Man, she can scream when she wants to. Especially when she's alone with Jon. It's really awkward when you pass by your adopted sibling's room and hear him moan your sister's name. It's even more awkward when she moans his. It's like incest. Adopted incest. Adopted vampire incest.

"We're here, dumbass," she smirked and opened the car door, swinging her pale body out. Smartass. I totally knew we were at school. Soon enough, the rest of our group showed up and not surprisingly, Jon's face met Ash's in a heartbeat. Enough with your happy vampire romance. Mostly everyone in our family had found their 'soulmate'. Gerard and Frank were quite happy together (they would be, they got married just about every two years). Jon and Ash were, Spencer and Abby were, and I don't think I've ever seen Bob happier than when he met Leigha. Mikey, Ray and I were still awkwardly single but we'd get through it. I mean, Mikey had a massive crush on this girl at school, Bandit Juarez, but he was waiting for her to get in a life-threatening situation, preferably where she almost died, so that he could bring her back to Jack and he could... yeah. It was weird sometimes, my parents' surname was Barakat, and then there was us, the multitude of surnames, ranging from Bryar to Parker. All in all, though, I adored my family and would die for them. Not that I could.

"RYAN!!" My cousin Nikki enveloped me in a bone-crushing hug as I stepped off the plane from Newark.
"Nikki!" Nikki Joplinson was my cousin, I was going to live with her. I had moved away from my drunken father and bitchy step-mother. I couldn't stand them any longer so I called up Nikki and got away. She's 27 and works as a receptionist for the local high school, which she enrolled me in. Thanks, O wonderful cousin.
"Hey, Nik," I grinned and hugged her back.
"How are you?" She asked, a devious smile playing at her lips.
"Good, why?" I was quite suspicious.
"Because you're starting school today!" She laughed and skipped off to her car. Hold on- what? Starting school?
Turns out Nikki wasn't kidding. She made me change, then drove me to Vegas High. What the actual fuck was she thinking? She dropped me off at the door, gave me a cheery smile and a hug, gave me the stuff I needed then sent me off. Looking around nervously, I set off to my first class- English. Well, that's nice. As I was shuffling in, I bumped into a small girl. And when I say small, I mean about 5 foot nothing.
"Watch it, nutfucker," she warned.
"S-sorry... First day," I mumbled.
"New kid, eh?"
"You betcha."
"I'm Anna," she grinned and held out her hand. I shook it, smiling.
"Ryan." We sat down and while we worked, I analyzed her. Her choppy brown hair fell in her large grey eyes a lot, and she often had to flick her hair back. She was pale but she didn't escape a small spattering of freckles across her face. Later, I noticed she had dark circles under her eyes, maybe an insomniac like myself? Anyway, I could tell she was going to be a friend. I liked her oversized sweater, it read "PRACTICE SAFE SEX- GO FUCK YOURSELF". It earned a few odd glances from the teachers, mind, and it looked like she wasn't wearing pants, but as she told me when I asked about it,
"Yes, I'm fucking wearing pants, Ryan. They're shorts but fuck, what did you think, nimrod? That I come to school in just a sweater? No. Just no. Coming to school is for whores. Namely, Skylar Kelley, Mary-Sue, and Summah Rayne."

At lunch, I sat with Anna and a few of her friends: Caitlin, Melisa and Bandit. They were quite nice.
"Oi, Ryan, Brendon Urie's looking at you," Melisa giggled and nudged my side.
"Who's Brendon Urie?" Who the hell was he?
"Him." Anna pointed at a black-haired boy sitting at a large table with about ten others.
"He's part of the biggest family in town- the Barakats. Apparently, Hozzie, their mum, couldn't have kids so they adopted a whole bunch," Anna explained.
"Yeah. There's Gerard, Frank, Mikey, Ray, Bob, Leigha, Abby, Ash, Jon, Spencer and Brendon. Oh, and there's Sam. Abby and Spencer are going out, Bob and Leigha are going out, Ash and Jon are going out. The rest are single," Caitlin rattled off their names and who they were dating. He black haired boy was intruiging. It was something about his dark eyes.
"Ryan? You okay? Snap out of it!!" Anna clapped her hands in front of me and I blinked, snapping out of my little trance.
"Are you okay?" She asked, her grey eyes filled with concern.
"I'm fine, just a little tired," I replied. Fuck you Nikki, for making me go to school when I was tired and somewhat jet-lagged.

"There's a new boy here," Sam told me as we walked to English.
"I saw him." The boy with the caramel hair and the amber eyes interested me, to say the least. His tight jeans left nothing to the imagination.
"You like him, don't you?" Sam giggled, poking me in the side.
"You should talk to him."
"What?" Usually I would trust Sam and her decisions but talking to the new guy? I might scare him away, I have a habit of doing that.
"Yeah, fuckwad, talk to him. Y'know, say hi, how ya going.." Sam grinned.
"You're insane. You'd have to be to like The Hunger Games," I jested. Her mockingjay logo shirt has "District 7" printed on the back. Clearly, she liked The Hunger Games. I, in all honesty, preferred Harry Potter.
"You cried when Fred died in Harry Potter," she countered.
"He was a vital character!"
"You cry whenever a character dies."
"Except Voldemort."
"No, I distinctly remember you crying when he died too. Said that now that he was gone, there was no more Harry Potter."
"Shut it, Sam."

Our banter continued until our English teacher, Miss Dayne, walked in. She was a young, friendly teacher, who brought in chocolate brownies on Fridays. She was a vampire too, but liked solitude rather than being in a coven. Sam and I went to our seats. She sat next to some human called Melisa and I sat alone.
"We have a new student today. Ryan, care to introduce yourself?"
The boy from lunch stepped forward.
"H-hi, I'm Ryan Ross. I-I'm eighteen," he said quietly before hiding behind his caramel bangs.
"Go sit by Brendon, he's nice," Miss Dayne shot a warm smile in my direction.
Oh boy.

Author's Note- Sorry it took so long! I had writer's block while writing the beginning.. I couldn't figure out what to say!
Yes, I was emailing the lovely cookie_monster and tmbfucks because I needed two extra characters, the mum and a teacher.
And I forgot to say Jack Barakat was in it.
Andy: Aren't you a forgetful bitch, Claire?
Oh yeah. That's Andy, the male version of me who now lives in my head and speaks when he wants to.
Oh god, I'm insane.
-tapes Andy's mouth shut-
Anyway. Rates and reviews make me smile.
Andy: She threatened to give me away to Penina if she rated this.
-Jinxxy xxx
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