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Memory Two

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Yay! Long chapter! This is how Zidane met Tantalus

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Memory Two

"Zidane, hurry up please," Kuja said, walking over to where the young Genome was sitting on the floor.
"I scraped my knee Kuja-nii," Zidane wailed, wiping tears from his eyes.
"Okay, are you going to let me look?" Kuja said kindly, picking up his brother and sitting him on his lap.
Kuja rolled up the leg of Zidane's blue trousers. There was a large patch of scraped and broken skin on his knee.
"Ouch, that looks painful! Here, I'll heal it for you..."
Kuja ran his right hand over his younger brother's knee. The skin mended instantly and Kuja gently dabbed away the few specks of blood left on Zidane's knee.
"Thank you," Zidane sniffled.
"You're getting tired, I'll carry you," Kuja hugged his brother and stood up with the small boy in his arms. Zidane sighed and buried his face in Kuja's shoulder. He was asleep in seconds.

When he woke up, it was raining. The child rubbed his eyes and looked around. He was sitting on his own in the doorway of what looked like an inn. Kuja was no-where to be seen. Zidane choked back a sob. He stood up and pulled his black cloak close to his small frame. Slowly, he set off down the streets in search of his brother.
After what seemed like a lifetime of searching, Zidane gave up and sat down in front of the theatre. He pulled the sleeves of his cloak over his hands and pressed them against his eyes. He had always been taught that it was wrong to cry, but he couldn't help it. Even though he was smarter than children of his age he couldn't help the tears that came with the feelings of severe loneliness.

"Oi, Blank! Gather the props will ya?" Cinna called to the teenage boy. Blank nodded absentmindedly and carried on staring out of the window.
"Whassup?" Marcus asked, sitting down beside the younger boy and following his gaze.
"That boy," Blank replied.
"'That boy'?" Baku and Cinna echoed, also seating themselves by the window.
Staring outside, they saw a very small, blonde boy wearing a long black cloak. He was staring around in desperation. After a few seconds he sat down and hunched over himself.
"I think he's crying," Ruby noted, leaning over the men's shoulders. Baku nodded, "Awight, scrap the props. We gotta go check if the kid's okay!"

Zidane wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and gazed out into the deep lake. He was lost deeply in thought, until he felt a hand on his shoulder.

The boy jumped and turned around. His eyes were rimmed red and were still were full of tears.
Blank smiled kindly, "Heya, you alright? Where's your mummy?"
The boy shook his head, "I don't have a mother."
"Okay, what about your daddy?"
"I've never called him 'daddy'."
'Jeez, this kid doesn't speak much! Plus his accents kinda strange, it's definitely not a local accent!' Blank thought.
"You were looking for someone then?" Blank asked finally.

Zidane thought about this question. He was sure he was searching for someone, but he couldn't seem to remember.

The boy shook his head, "I don't remember."
"Where're you from? You're accent's not local," Blank asked, offering the boy a hand. He took it and stood up.
"I'm not sure. I can't remember anything..." the boy trailed off.
"Well, what's your name? Do you remember?" Blank questioned, keeping a firm grip on the boy's hand.
The child nodded, "My name's Zidane."
'Hmm, Zidane... that's kinda a strange name,' Blank mused.
"Well, Zidane. Let's get you indoors, you're soaked!" the teenager exclaimed.

"Hello," Ruby smiled, as Blank lead Zidane into the theatre.
Zidane smiled back but said nothing. He noticed two other men in the room. He wasn't sure why they made him so nervous.
The tallest man walked over to the boy.
"Hello there, I'm Baku. What's your name?" Baku asked, speaking kindly.
"I'm Zidane," the blond child replied.
Baku nodded, "And how old are you?"
"I'm four and 7 months."
"Really?! Jeez! You're tiny!" Baku beamed.
Zidane giggled and nodded. He felt strange, like he was becoming more childlike with every passing second.
"Shall we get you out of that wet cloak? You must be cold!" Ruby said.
The boy stepped back alarmed.
"I-I'm fine," he stammered.
"Now you're not! Yer shakin'! Blank, get 'im outta that thing now!" Baku ordered.
Blank pulled the boy's cloak off and gasped. The rest others just stared wide-eyed.
Zidane shuffled his feet and looked at the floor. He knew what they were all staring at.
"Y-you! You've got a tail!" Baku exclaimed.
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