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Chapter 3

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Tails and Amy investigate Amy's ring that Eggman gave her. But suddenly...

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"Eggman let you go?!" Tails asked in disbelief. "Yeah, but I think he's up to something, it's not like him to let me go after giving me a ring," replied Amy, staring down at the ring, twisting her wrist to observe it. "I'll be there in a couple minutes, Amy!" Tails called, hanging up the phone, and hopping into his X Tornado. Amy sighed and hung up the phone as well. "Doesn't anyone ever say goodbye anymore?" she groaned.
5 minutes later, the X Tornado landed in Amy's driveway, a surprised fox jumping out and sprinting inside of Amy's house. "Hi Amy, can I see your ring?" he asked quickly. "Okay." Tails quickly grabbed her left hand and looked at her ring finger, scanning his eyes on the ring. Tails tried to yank it off, but the ring didn't budge. "It's stuck!" the fox cried, pulling harder. "Ow! Tails, that hurts!" Amy shouted. Tails yanked with all of his might, but the ring still didn't move. "OOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!" Amy screamed. Suddenly, the roof was shot open, dust fell all over Amy and Tails. They looked up after the dust cleared. Eggman was hovering in his floaty thing, looking down at them with an evil grin. "Tails, just what are you doing to my wife?" Amy's eyes widened. "WIFE?!?!" Amy questioned in shock. "Amy, the ring was a wedding ring," Eggman explained. "But how did you find me?" asked Amy. "My dear, we will talk about that later." A metal claw then reached out and grabbed Amy. "Tails!!!" Amy cried. The metal claw towed Amy to Eggman. "Amy!!!!!" Tails called back. Eggman then floated away. The claw dropped Amy into the floaty thing. It dropped her down sitting on Eggman's lap. She sighed. This was going to be a while.
Once Eggman and Amy reached the base, Amy hopped out. "Now can you tell me how you found me?" Amy asked impatiently. "Ah, yes. My dearest Amy, that ring contains a tracking device. When I get close to you, it makes a beeping sound. It's quite simple. Plus, the reason your ring has not come off when Tails tried to pull it off, is because I enter a code from my hover craft which locks it on your finger. You can not remove it until I type in the code." He then looked down at her. His glasses flashed in the sunlight. "Understand?"
Amy's POV
I hate how he always wears his glasses. They creep me out. My shoulders dropped in fear, but I tried my best to look brave. "Oh," I stated. What else could I say about it?
After I was back inside my cell, I heard a familiar squeaky voice. "Ms. Amy!" Suddenly somebody hugged me from behind. "Oh Ms. Amy!!! I thought I would never see you again. I turned around. "Cream! Oh! I missed you SO much!" I cried. I lifted Cream off the ground while hugging her. I spun around while holding her slightly in the air. She giggled. When I put her down, she looked at my ring. "Ms. Amy, what is that?" she asked, bending over to look at it. "Chao chao?" Cheese said, observing my ring. "Um, well, that is a wedding ring," I stuttered. "You are married? But Ms- oops! I mean Mrs. Amy, aren't you only twelve?" Cream asked. "I don't think he's really my husband. He just gave me a ring." "Who gave it to you?" questioned Cream. "It's really disturbing, but Eggman gave it to me. All I know is that this ring is a tracking device. We're probably not really married." "Oh," replied Cream.
Normal POV
"Hey, did they give you any strange jewlery?" asked Amy. Cream tapped her foot trying to think. "Oh yeah! Well, a robot gave me a bracelet."Amy looked at her wrist and saw a beautiful gold bracelet covered in small diamond studs. "Cream, who gave it to you?" Amy questioned.
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