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I Am Not

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I am not what they want me to be. (Poem)

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I am not what they try and make me

I am my own person

I will not listen

To what I need to be

What I should believe

Who I should be

I will listen to the words they sing

They tell me to be who I am

To be different

To believe what I want to

So I won't believe in a God

It's a ridiculous idea

I won't go to church

Because it scares me

I'll get tattoos and piercings

Because I like them

I won't be a good little girl

Because that's not who I am

I am a rebel

I am running free

I am unchained and unashamed

I will write

I will sing

I will not be okay

I will be a demolition lover

I will be the ghost of you

I will wear the scars not as a fashion statement, but as a fucking death wish

The day I die will be the best day ever

I will dread the end, though

Because it means I will say so long and goodnight to Helena

And go to sleep


An eternal abyss

Of darkness

I'll shut my eyes

Will you kiss me goodbye?

Then I'll sleep.

A/N: Vent-y poem. Yeah.......
Andy: I think it's pretty good.
-Jinxxy and AndyPandy
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