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Sometimes a love like theirs could only be seen in the darkness.

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Michael had been placed lovingly upon the satin sheets, staring into brown eyes he found himself trust - drowning in coffee hues that took him to different levels of arousal. Many people would think that sex is all they had in common, and violence as well with the bruises mottling their flesh after each time they coupled. The would never see them like this. Never see them touching with hesitant finger tips. Lips brushing against one another's but never adding quite enough friction to make it wild.

No one would ever see them together in this hidden bedroom, hidden from ignorant thoughts, and eyes that could not be deceived by a secret love. They would not see a man kneeling upon the bed, with fingers moving in circular patterns along a foot that had been damaged months ago by the cruelty of a single man. Brown eyes stared into heady blue ones, an emotional connection between the gaze that was unbreakable by any means, a gaze that connected two souls into a single moment. Still those fingers moved, moved up the foot towards the calve pressing into the muscles to relieve the tension. Soft moans penetrated the air that was stilled by passion.

No one would see the trembles and shivers that were passed underneath tanned skin as pale hands with elegant fingers curved against his jaw, tilting his head up to kiss. He kissed the moon several times in his life but no moon could taste as sweet as the man before him with those hands cradling his face as gentle as a porcelain figurine in the handles of a curious child. The smaller of the two would usually raise to his tip toes, leaning into his body to involve himself in the tender kisses that were pressed to his lips - the same kisses he died for each moment, his heart trembling and stopping with each brush of soft flesh to flesh.

No one would see the gentle brushes of fingers along a neck decorated with tattoos as soft blue eyes poured over words that were meaningless to the other man, the same man who would sit and listen to his precious Moon scream against the phone to his brother, scream about the unfairness of being erased from his family - from his life he knew because of a choice he made. Those brown eyes would lower, and a feeling of shame would quickly pass over him and those calloused fingers would rub over a wrist that was once clasped tightly to metal which linked him to his Pretty. His...Michael. Those eyes peeked up and he stared at the slender silver band along a pale hand that now linked them, forever his.

No one wold see the secret smiles, the sobbing tears shed into a firm chest, or the screaming nightmares of panic and pain. No one would see those arms curl around a quaking slender body to hold, to comfort and soothe him back to sleep. No one would see the smaller man sing his Pretty to sleep, stroking a hand through slowly growing hair that was like silk. No one would see the razor blades upon hipbones that caused such sweet sounds to erupt in a tremulous voice that whisper-begged for more, and they would not see the tongue that dashed along the bleeding lines.

No one would be able to witness those bodies entwined in passionate embraces, to see those clothes fall off like leaves in fall and to see those two men couple with a violence that could only be described as painful love.
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