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Fun In Ibiza!

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Panic go to Ibiza Brendon loves Ryan but does Ryan like Brendon? please read :)

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I have my life right here, Panic at the Disco. Spencer, John and Ryan. all of us together going on a holiday for a week to Ibiza, this is going to be amazing!

We sit in the plane, me and Ryan sat next to each other and Spencer and John in front of us. We sit there for a while, waiting for the 'seat belt's on' sign to turn to the fiery red colour on the top of the wall. I talk to Ryan for a while and you can tell he is the most excited.

"Oh my god! I can't wait" he says whilst jumping in his seat and having a huge grin on his face.

"Calm down Ryan!" I say holding him down.

"Sorry, its just I have never been on holiday before, ever!" he says jumping up and down again.

"Really?" I say shocked.

he stops. "Yep, my dad never took me any where, I doubt he could, with all of the bills and the all of the alcohol he buys."

"Well, at least your going to have a good time with us, ey?!" I say with a massive grin on my face as I nudge him in the shoulder."

I still remember the first time I saw Ryan, it was back when Spencer knew Ryan and John and said we should start a band. I thought, ha its just going to go on for a few days then we will stop, no big deal. I was wrong. Spencer invited me into his living room and I saw him. Ryan. his beautiful chestnut hair glowing perfectly as I stand there, his pale silky skin reflects as the light from the window hits him, and his smile, oh his smile, I would pay good money to see that beautiful face lift up, I would pay anything to see him happy, and I am glad he is today. I stared at him for a while, mouth open and eyes wide. He notices and tries to look away until Spencer decides to break the awkward silence. "C'mon guys lets get practising" he says and hands out the sheet and on the sheet was a song, I called it an Angels song because Ryan wrote it, but its only called Camisado. I don't get what it means but hey. We begin practising for a while and then shit happened and we all became Panic at the Disco.

I really like Ryan a lot, his face, personality and just him all together. But I know he doesn't like me back, he is into girls, girls, girls, girls, that's all I ever hear him talk about. It puts me down but if it makes him happy, I am happy. I am like his best friend that you can tell everything, everything except the part where you fancy them.

The plane starts to move as Spencer and John decide to turn around and talk to us, we all talk about how excited we are to go and see the place and rave. But of course Ryan is only interested in girls.

I wish he would like me as much as I like him. I wish he would see.

2 hours have passed now and Ryan is asleep, he looks so adorable I just want to cuddle him! it looks really late outside I should see what the time is. looks at watch wow. Its 9pm, I see why everyone is so tired, especially Ryan, he must be so tired after jumping around everywhere.

I stare at Ryan asleep, I see him shiver as he turns, poor him, he is cold. he is leaning against the window so I don't blame him for being cold, the coldness outside is probably sticking to the window. I look through my rucksack on the floor and find my big hoodie that is twice the size of me, which should be big enough for him because he is tiny. I place the hoodie on softly and he snuggles into it. Oh! I want him so bad.

Spencer turns around and whispers..

"Any of you awake?" he tries to turn around and see but the seats are too big and he is sat by the window as well so he gives up and just sits in his chair normally, whispering.

"I am" I whisper back.

"Oh hey Bren, are you not tired?" he says to me as he brushes his finger through his hair.

"nope, I don't get tired easily" I say with a grin.

"ahh well then I am going to sleep, John is out like a light so I am guessing Ryan is too?"


"Okay then, night Bren, I can't wait until we get into our hotel!" he whispers quite loud.

"me to, Night"

I lay there, everyone asleep around me and I stare, I stare at Ryan and his beautiful face until I slowly drift off.

"dude, dude wake up, we're here" I know that voice. I yawn and stretch my arms.

"Oh, sorry Ryan, I think I over slept." I say tiredly rubbing my eyes.

"Thanks for putting the hoodie on me by the way" he says.

"No probs, now. Lets get this party started!" I say and we jump out of our seats and catch up with John and Spencer.

"What took you so long?" John said waiting with Spencer at the door to the air plane.

"Ahh, I was asleep and Ryan woke me up but its all okay now" I say.

"Lets get our luggage and head to the hotel." Ryan says as we go to collect our suitcases.

we walk outside and see that we have a awesome car, a red Farrari with 4 seats, nice. I drive and then we pull up at the 5 star white mansion with a fountain in the front called a 'hotel' we park the car and get our luggage out John and Ryan go in to get our room keys and me and Spencer are getting the suitcases out of the car when he says something I never thought he would say.

"You like Ryan, don't you?" he says whilst leaning against the car and staring at me with 'its so obvious' eyes. and I look at him in complete surprise.

"Umm, no.." I look up into space.

"dude. Its too obvious. don't think I can see you through the little slab in between the seat in the air plane?! I could see you drooling over him, and every time you see him, you all ways go into a day dream and stare like he is a monster or something. Every time you get invited to something you all ways go 'Is Ryan coming?' and also-" Brendon stops him.

"Fine, yes I do. Ever since I saw him I think he is the prettiest face ever. I- I think I love him" I say sounding depressed about it.

"its fine Bren, if anything I would love you guys to get together, you would make a cute couple!"

"I really want to but, he is interested in girls and I reckon he has no interest in me"

"I have seen the way he looks at you Brendon. trust me, he likes you. I think he is Bi so yeah."

I look up with a glimpse of hope in my eyes.

"You really think so?" I say.

"I think, yes."

~~Ryans POV~~

of all the things I want in this world, why does Brendon have to be one of them?! I mean I think he is beautiful and talented and everything really.. but I am not gay, I can never be gay! I don't want to love Brendon, I try and get over him by talking about girls, but why does it have to be so dam difficult? He is only a man, but why do I have so many feelings for this man?! I need to get out and put a big smile on my face and pretend that girls are the best thing in the world, not that they aren't or anything. I am really excited about the holiday though, a week in Ibiza with nothing but raving, sex, and alcohol. my type of weekend. I sit in the seat talking to Brendon about how excited I am in the seats in the air plane, why did I have to sit next to Brendon?! That will only make it worse. we talk about how I have never been on a holiday before and then I fall asleep, I guess I am tired from being excited. I wake up and I have a hoodie on me, it feels like a sleeping bag, so warm and comfy. I see Brendon next to me, this is his hoodie. I stare at him for a while, why does he have to be so damn beautiful?! Calm Ryan, you do not like Brendon, you like girls. we get in our new Ferrari car and drive to the hotel, its very beautiful, the hotel that is.. I go in and with John to get our room keys and I see out of the very thin glass window and see Brendon and Spencer are talking, I wonder what about? I hear the lady say something very bad and I turn my attention to her straight away.

"I am sorry, we are very booked at the moment so you four have to split into 2 bedrooms."

Oh god, there going to put me with Brendon. "Ryan, who do you want to go with?" John says. "Oh, lets see what the others think first." so we make our way to the car and Brendon and Spencer stop talking as soon as we walk out of the door. oh god oh god oh god! "Guys! we are split into 2 bedrooms because the hotel is quite full." John shouts. "Oh that's fine!" Spencer says as John and me make our way over to the car."I will be with Spencer, is that all right guys?" John says. "Oh hello" Spencer says as a gay remark and winks. "Shush Spence. anyway is that all right with you to?" he says.

"Yeah sure that's fine I guess as long as Ryan is fine with it?" Brendon says and smiles.

"Uh, yeah sure." I say and we all make our way into our hotel rooms. Oh god, here we go.

~~Brendons POV~~

I am in a room with Ryan, oh my god. Wait, shut up Brendon, nothing will happen, you guys are friends here on a holiday and only here to have fun with other people. not with Ryan.

Ryan puts the key into the locked door and it opens, awkward silence fills the stuffy room as we put our suitcases onto our beds and unpack. and then Ryan suddenly feels in the mood to party.

"I think I am going to catch up with Spence and John and probably go out and see the sights, you coming?" he says anxiously waiting for an answer.

"Yeah, sure I will meet you in there room in a minute, just need to unpack a few things."

"Okay, see you in a minute" he says and smiles leaving the room shutting the door behind him. is it just me or did it get really hot in the room on my own? yeah probably.

I pace back and forth in the room, put on a brave face and walk out of the door locking it behind. I walk and knock. "Hey guys its me" and the door finally opens. "hey" John says.

"I walk in and everyone is occupied. Ryan is doing his hair, Spencer is in the bathroom getting dressed and John is looking at his Facebook on his I phone.

"Guys are we going or are we going?!" I shout.

"Yeah, lets go!" Ryan says.

"you guys go on ahead I will be out in a sec" Spencer says from the bathroom.

"Okay, we will wait outside the hotel see you in a sec" I say and with that me, John and Ryan walk out of the hotel. The atmosphere was amazing! the sky was a shade of yellow and orange, kind of like a fire. The palm trees set the mood of 'we are on holiday.'
we are all wearing short trousers and flaggy tops with sunglasses in between our chest and neck hanging onto our tops, Spencer walks out and we get walking, ready to see what Ibiza has to come.

Hello mother fuckers I hope you like this, sorry if there are any spelling mistakes or any shit like that, I just hope you like it and should I do more? I don't know but yeah! Please rate and review, thank you. P.S I take that back, your not mother fuckers ;D
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