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Izumi the Fangirl

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Koukuya; Takuya and Izumi are childhood friends that attend a high school obsessed with gossip and especially the new student. What starts out as Izumi's mission for her own obsession with shounen ...

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Notes: This is about two years old... but it needs a new home because it's old one rejected it. Yesh. Uhm... hope you like? Eheh...


It was the first day back at school, and more than anything Takuya was hoping beyond all hopes he would not be seen... by the school's greatest horror, that awaited every student around each and every corner. No, it was not the teachers. No, it was not the designated hall monitors. In fact, it was not one of any authority. It was... his best friend. Yes, he feared his best friend, as did half the school. Very few people knew her name, but they knew her as... The Fangirl. They knew Takuya as the Soccer Team Captain. How they were friends... was by chance in kindergarten. And ever since Takuya had hoped it
was all just a long nightmare.

"Please... let her be sick... SICK I BEG OF YOU!! Let her be dying in her bed!!" He wailed, hoping his pleas would be heard in the heavens. No... they were not heard. In fact... they seemingly mocked him, because a moment later...

"TAKKY-CHAN!!!" Came the loud cry of the rare, and dangerous species of... Izumi. Jumping high up above him, he scrambled forward to escape her wrath. He was no match for her super-glomping skills, and next thing he knew he was getting to know the dirt up close and personal.

"How many times must I tell you!!?" Takuya nearly screamed angrily. "Takky-kun, NOT CHAN!!! I am not a girl!!" He grounded out. Even though 'chan' could be used for guys, because in general it was for girls... well, you get the idea hopefully.

"I dunno about that... you're gay." Izumi huffed, and yanked on the lower half on Takuya's hair. He yelped, then tried to send a glare at her. "Kawaii!" She said, and pulled on his cheeks giggling, enraging her soccer-loving friend. A few people walked by muttering a few things such as 'poor Takky...' and 'will he make it?' as they walked by. You know, Takuya thought if they were really worried about him, they could HELP him! Izumi moved herself off his back, and he graciously moved himself to a sitting position. So what if they were sitting on the dry earth, watching their fellow students walk by. It was comfortable.

"So, does that mean I may call you Izu-kun?" Takuya sighed, and attempted to wipe some dirt and leaves off his shirt.

"No, but you may call me Izumi-kun." She said in a sickingly sweet way. It was creeping Takuya out.

"You know... each time I see you, I wish you'll be struck down by lightening." Takuya said casually, and Izumi chuckled.

"Yeah, but we both know you'll be my most frequent visitor after it's done electrocuting me and giving me a nice crispy flavor." She grinned, and threw some dead grass on him. He scowled and brushed it off, before looking around.

"Eh, ah well." Takuya shrugged. "So, any new victims this year?" He asked, and Izumi tilted her head in thought.

"Not yet..." She drawled, then her eyes looked carefully at something - or someone.

"New target?" Takuya asked.

"Hot man, right there." Izumi stated uninterestedly, though Takuya's head whirled to see where she was looking. She then broke into a fit of laughter, causing him to glare at her. "Hah! Lesbian team gains two points, they're in the lead!" She grinned, and he kicked her. "Ouch, hey!"

"You forgot the four points our team got on Saturday. We're at a tie now." Takuya pointed out, causing Izumi to sulk.

"Darn you and your memory of an elephant!" She fake-sulked, and then she stood up quickly. Almost as if she had popped literally out of the ground. Takuya raised a brow.

"NOW is it a new target?" Takuya sighed.

"No... but we have a new student in our grade. He's got black hair, blue eyes, and glompable because of his annoyed expression. Holy crap, Takuya's he's your opposite! I think this is the one! I've located Target T-SM, camera mode on!" Izumi said excitedly, earning a groan from Takuya.

"Izumi, get yourself a girlfriend and let me be single." He sighed, and shook his head at her. Every year, she found some random guy to torment until she almost literally forced the poor man on a date with him. And each time Takuya had to apologize and explain for her behavior, and pay them some odd amount of cash. T-SM stood for Takuya's Soul Mate, and camera mode was when she stared at the guy for the longest time and burned what he looked like in her mind. Her obsession with shounen-ai was what actually got her school nickname of The Fangirl, and the number of students that dreaded being on her target list was great.

"I don't want to, because then I'll have some whiny, naggy girl always bothering me. I'd rather have some whiny, naggy guy bothering you so I may point and laugh." Izumi replied, keeping her eyes steadily at the walking oblivious human whose desire to end all life on the face of the earth was soon to become powerful and dangerous. Sighing, Takuya decided to take a look himself, and couldn't complain too much. It was a certain improvement from her past T-SM targets, with exception to the guy's apparent attitude problem. Which, hopefully would be powerful enough to eliminate Izumi's desire and strike fear into her so she would STOP this mad and creepy hobby.

"Oh, thanks." Takuya said sarcastically. The boy went inside, and Izumi turned on him then grinned. He froze in fear, like a deer in headlights.

"Your welcome." She smiled, with this strange superior look, then pounced on the petrified Takuya. Her knees were on his chest, thoroughly pinning him down, and also gave him a hard time breathing.

"Get... off..." Takuya squeaked out, and tried to push her off, but she refused.

"It would be so nice if you had boobs, then both our problems would be solved." Izumi stated from nowhere, and from that comment he did knock her off.

"No thanks, I'm happy with what I have and don't have." Takuya grumbled, and stood up. "Come on, we got to get to class before the bells rings." He sighed. "And no harassing the new boy on his first day, I don't want to see you in the hospital so soon." He warned as they walked through the doors. Many people moved as far from Izumi as possible.

"It's nice of you to express your concerns for me Takky-chan," Izumi ranted, and from her chosen nickname for him she received a glare, "But I really doubt he'll put me in the hospital." She ended.
"Look, he looks like he has a bad attitude, just leave him alone and go find some girl to stalk. Remember Mimi? You had fun stalking her..." Takuya tried, bringing up the memory of the girl in pink, who recently moved away. She claimed it was because she wanted to follow her fashion career in New York, Takuya believed it was to escape from her two stalkers, Miyako and Izumi.

"Yeah... that was fun. But only for so long, it gets boring after awhile because you figure out their general hiding spots. Here, how about I find out his name for you?" Izumi said cheerfully, and clapped her hands together.

"No! No no no!!" Takuya yipped, and shook his head very quickly. "I'm not interested in him, and so you don't have to find out!" He said, in a feeble attempt to persuade the blonde.

"Fine, I'll find out for myself. I'm curious, besides... I'm thinking about opening a business... you pay me to force your crush on a date with you! Ingenious isn't it?!" She asked ecstatically.

"Whatever..." Takuya sighed, and rolled his eyes.

By the end of the day, rumors flew through the hallways this way and that, all about the new boy. It was strange, normally the new person wasn't noticed for another two months, and rumors didn't fly until two weeks after this. It must've been a new record or something.

"Did you hear? I heard he recently came from a Juvenile Delinquency school!"

"I heard he's Chinese."

"What?! No way! He's totally Japanese!"

"I bet he's part Japanese, and part European!"

"I heard he has a twin!" A giggle. "Wonder if he's as hot?" More giggles.

"You idiot! If he has a twin more likely than not he or she is as hot!"

"I heard Izumi targeted him."

"She did. Got a black eye after bothering him so much."

"Seriously? Wow, finally someone took a stand!"

"I heard he wants to go out with her."

"Know what? I bet Izumi knows his name!"

"I already know his name! We have the same class, it's Kouji."

"What's with his ponytail?"

"He gave a teacher a hard time about his bandana."

"Heh, sounds like when Takuya first came to school here."

"Wonder what his favorite food is?"

"I saw him at lunch... he wasn't eating anything!"

"I did too, he wouldn't let anyone go near him!"

"He's so, like, a lone wolf!"

"How dreamy! A mysterious guy for once!"

After awhile, hearing all these girls gossip made Takuya want to drown himself and he looked around for Izumi. Again, out of nowhere she glomped him, knocking both to the floor.

"Hey!" Takuya growled. She gave him a goofy grin, and rolled off letting them both up. "How about a warning from now on?"

"Sorry about that Takky-chan." Izumi apologized.

"Will you STOP calling me that!?" Takuya demanded, waving his arms up and down like a small child having a tantrum. He stopped, and noticed she did in fact have a black eye. "Let me guess... Kouji, the new guy gave it to you?" He asked.

"Yeah, how'd you know?" Izumi blinked, with this dumbfounded look on her face.

"There are rumors everywhere about Kouji." Takuya explained, and Izumi gave a shrug.

"We rarely get anti-social people here, go figure. Anyhow, I found out so much about him!" Izumi squealed with delight. About forty different girls twirled around upon hearing this, and a large group formed around her and Takuya, scaring the brunette.

"What!? Tell us, Fangirl! Tell us!!" They all squeaked, and Takuya could have sworn he felt his eardrums explode, and blood gushing out of his ears.

"Nnmmmm... okay!" Izumi said happily, getting excited noises all throughout the group. "Okay, he does have a twin, it's where I got all my info!" More squeals and squeaks of delight, making Takuya feel for the first time, true fear. "Kouji's full name is Kouji Minamoto, and his brother's name is Kouichi Kimura."

"Why do they have different last names?" One girl asked, and Takuya began to try and escape the large group of girls that were squishing him alive.

"Their parents divorced when they were born, but they let the two play together their entire lives." Izumi smiled, not noticing Takuya who was attempting to escape the horror known as fangirlism.
"Oh, that's so sad!" One girl cooed.

"Well, at least they knew about each other instead of finding out on their own." Another pointed out. Takuya was so close to freedom...
"Yeah, I know! Well, Kouichi has short hair, while Kouji has long hair in a ponytail. Also Kouichi's features are softer and he's really shy." Izumi explained.

"Oh, I saw him! I thought it was Kouji! That explains it, no wonder I was confused when everyone said Kouji had long hair!" A girl said, in a voice of that as a person would speak when seeing the revelation of a movie explaining all. Takuya finally managed to squeeze out, and he crawled for the door.

"What else...? Oh yeah, Kouji has a painful punch!" Izumi laughed, and the girls chuckled at her. "Kouichi says that even though Kouji wears a jacket all the time, he rarely ever gets cold."

"So why does he wear it?"

"I don't know, Kouichi never told me..." Izumi sulked. Meanwhile, Takuya pushed open the door and crawled out on the flat surface around 10 by 13 feet, with stairs that lead up to it. Enjoying the silence and lack of girly noises outside, he sighed in relief.
"" He said simply, relishing the moment. "...freeeee..."

"Are you okay?" A strange voice asked, bringing Takuya back to reality. He snapped his head up and saw Kouji up close for the first time. The black-haired guy was so still and silent, Takuya had never noticed him there, right next to him. His expression was blank, other than a raised brow at Takuya's shown odd behavior.

"Uh..." Takuya's eyes looked down in thought, then he nodded his head with a smile. "Yup! No shrieking women, I'm good!" He said, earning a third eye from Kouji. Recalling that Izumi had bothered Kouji earlier, Takuya stood up quickly, and took a deep bow in apology. "Oh, sorry about Izumi earlier whenever it was she bothered you. She's a blonde girl with blue eyes, and you turned one of them black. She does this every year, please don't kill her the next time!" He ended the apology, and Kouji just stared at him for a moment. Then he laughed. "Uh... did I say something wrong...?" The brunette asked. Kouji shook his head, and he stopped laughing.

"No, why did you think I'd kill her? It was just a warning punch, if she bothers me again I'm just going to break her leg or something." Kouji shrugged. Takuya stared at him horrified. "Don't look at me like that, it'll be her own fault."

"You can get expelled for that, you do realize this?" Takuya asked. The black-haired boy rolled his eyes at Takuya.

"Fine... if it bothers you that much. You people here are so damned touchy." Kouji sighed.

"Not as touchy as you." Takuya countered, getting another raised brow from Kouji.

"Didn't know punching someone was being touchy." Kouji shrugged.

"That's more of being rather violent over some girl who keeps asking questions." Takuya sighed.

"I didn't do anything about her bothering me until she brought up my family." Kouji growled, giving Takuya a look of warning.

"Then just tell her to leave the subject alone!" Takuya sighed exaggerated.

"You know, you're about as bad as her." Kouji sighed in annoyance.
"Well, I'd rather be as bad as her than rude as you!" Takuya scowled, and stormed off, leaving Kouji sitting there again, with a raised brow. Soon after Takuya was gone, Izumi and the other forty girls walked out chitchatting before stopping and seeing Kouji sitting there.

"Keep gawking, I'll give you all bloody noses." Kouji hissed, and they all scattered, needing no more inspiration to leave and do homework than that.

"I can't believe he threatened us all like that!" Izumi huffed, over at Takuya's house and washing dishes there. It was a routine of theirs to go over to the brunette's house after school, no matter if it was the first or last.

"He's a jerk, just leave him alone." Takuya sighed, tired of talking about Kouji with his old friend.

"After what he did?! NO! I'm getting payback! I now know for a fact, he's not for you. I can't believe I ever thought that... I'm so sorry! I almost got you into an abusive relationship!" Izumi wailed, and clamped onto the alarmed Takuya.

"Izumi... can we PLEASE change the subject?" He sighed, for the umpteenth time that day. The blonde girl really wore you out...
"Why are you so eager to change it, hmm? Did he hurt our little Takky-chan's feelings?" Izumi asked, and pinched her male-friend's cheek, receiving a glare.

"Stop calling me that! And no, he did not. He's just a jerk, and he's not worth the waste of time or breath." Takuya explained, placing the final cup in the dishwasher.

"In other words, he made you mad and you're trying to not talk about him so you don't try to kill him and lose your spot on the soccer team?" Izumi asked with a sigh.

"Pretty much." Takuya shrugged.

"Awe, don't worry my little gay friend. We shall make him suffer, and not get into any trouble." Izumi said with a pleasant smile.

"Don't call me that either, Miss Lesbo!" Takuya snapped, and she flicked his nose.

"You get so touchy sometimes." She sighed.

"I AM NOT TOUCHY!" Takuya yelled, recalling his earlier conversation with Kouji.

"My my, what brought this on?" Izumi asked, crossed her arms and leaned against the fridge.

"Sorry... it's just Kouji said everyone at the school was too touchy... and I told him he was touchy..." Takuya sighed. "It's just every time I think about him I want to break something!" He growled, and clenched his balled fists. Izumi gave him a friendly smile and patted him on the head.

"Calm down dude, soccer meet is next week, and you need to prepare a schedule for everyone." Izumi reminded him, and he took a deep breath.

"That's right." Takuya said with relief. Then his eyes turned demonic and he had an insane smile. "And I can imagine Kouji's head is the soccer ball, and kick it around!" He laughed to himself at this image, and Izumi just plainly cracked up.

"Heh, you do that and I'll take care of him. Deal?" Izumi asked, and Takuya grinned at her.


The daily morning glomping occurred and nothing out of the usual happened. Well, unless you wanted to include the school's entire population of females decided to gather around Izumi. It seemed for once they supported her strange ways, and many of them wanted to employ her to force Kouji to go on a date with them. Izumi gave a wink, and said they didn't have to pay her until they got the date. Some actually paid her to dig up true information on him, it was insane. Meanwhile, Takuya again found himself trying to escape from the scary situation he found himself in. Slowly moving out, when he managed to squeeze out with a 'pop!' sound and then he knocked into someone.

"Oww, oh hey sorry." Takuya apologized wincing, rubbing his head. He opened his eyes, and again saw Kouji. With yet again his eyebrow raised.

"You say sorry a lot." Kouji said simply, then walked away leaving a Takuya confused as to whether be angry or lost. He decided to go with lost, seeing as he truly was at a loss with what just happened. For bumping into Kouji, he expected a glare or to get his lights knocked out because the brunette didn't have his guard up. Instead Kouji said the obvious, and left. Standing there and blinking, he didn't realize his doom until it was upon him. Tons of girls began chattering all at once wanting to know what happened and what Kouji said, how his voice sounded, etc. Izumi saved the disturbed boy from an almost certain death.

"What was up with that?" Izumi asked, as they hid inside the school building.

"What?" Takuya asked.

"The dazed expression you dork! I thought you hated his guts!" Izumi scowled.

"I do... but he confuses me to no end... yesterday I pissed him off, and today he just said, 'You say sorry a lot,' and left after I accidentally knocked into him." Takuya explained and shook his head. "My brains more scrambled than functional because of that."

"Weird... why didn't he punch your teeth out?" Izumi wondered out loud.

"He was in an unnaturally good bad mood?" Takuya shrugged, earning a laugh from Izumi.

It was again the end of the day, and the rumors still flew around. Except today they were more wild, and imaginative.

"I heard his birthmother mother works for the navy, and his father studies aliens in a fish gutting factory!"

"I heard his stepmother eats dogs... alive."

"I heard she developed virus's for an Anti-Virus company."

"I heard she's the jerk who sends us Spam mail."

"I don't know... I like the spam mail I get."

"You're a freak... any ways, I heard his favorite colour is yellow."

"No, it's blue!"

"No, it's black, like Izumi's eye!"

"I bet he has a crush on her."

"She's so lucky!"

"Not really... no dick is for that chick."

"Dude! No! Stop trying to sound cool. I heard he and his brother are together."

"Nah, I heard Kouji rapes teachers."

"What the hell!? Who said that!?"

"...I did..."

"Don't spread lies, you idiot!"

"I wonder what his favorite food is..."

"I heard he likes apples."

"I bet he likes hot peppers... like him." Giggles.

"Wonder if he's gay?"

"What?! No way!"

"True, he likes Izumi."

"Ah, I'm jealous!"

"I like Kouichi better. He's so sweet and cute! Like a kitten!"

"Yeah... with an older brother that'll scratch your eyes out!"

"Geeze... what's with girls and gossip?" Takuya sighed, wishing the days of hearing this nonsense was short and numbered.

"It's easy to torment your pray that way." Izumi stated, making Takuya jump maybe ten feet in the air.

"Where'd you come from?" Takuya asked, holding his chest as if he feared his heart would pop-out as an aftershock.

"Hee, I'm not telling." She said with a big, sugary sweet smile. Takuya shuddered, that smile always got creepier to him. Izumi laughed, and called out in some strange, female call for her fellow species of the same gender to gather around and tell of what it has learned. Takuya immediately moved out of the way, recalling yesterday. He didn't want to repeat what had happened, and was by the lockers as the forty girls were around Izumi. Deciding he was going to wait right there, instead of going outside where Kouji might be hiding.

"What'd you learn!?"

"Come on, even you have to agree. Kouichi is better!"

"Wai! He's so cute!"

"Uhm...well, I learned a few things. His father's job makes him and his stepmother move around a lot, so he might be here for a short time, or he may be here for a very long time." Izumi began, and some girls whispered about it being a long time. Takuya crossed his fingers for a short time.

"What else?!"

"Tell us about Kouichi!"

"To Kouichi's growing fandom, he likes classical music and his drawing abilities are amazing! He's really smart, except in History because he has trouble remembering all the information." Izumi said, exciting Kouichi's fans.

"YAY!!!" One girl spazzed, and they all heard a 'thump'. The loud squeal echoed, and again Takuya found his ears at mercy with their high-pitched voices. It was official, Takuya thought the entire half of the human population that was female needed to be purged. Scowling at the fact he was at their mercy, he walked outside in annoyance.
"You should bring earmuffs if they bother you that much." Kouji stated simply, making Takuya jump.

"Why the hell are you so freakin' silent and unmoving!? You look dead!" Takuya yelled, the surprise making him somewhat paranoid. "What if I had a weak heart huh!? I'D BE DEAD YOU JERK!"
"First off, from how loud you're yelling and the fact you're still alive, you obviously don't have a weak heart." Kouji said simply, his eyes closed. "And second, it's your own fault for not seeing me here."
"Well sorry I'm not three feet tall and able to see a person lying next to the door! Which brings me to ask, why ARE you laying next to the door!?" Takuya fumed, his arms waving up and down.

"Waiting for Kouichi. He helps out some teachers after school, and I walk home with him when he's done." Kouji shrugged. Takuya blinked and stopped spazzing around like a lunatic.

"Oh." Was all Takuya said. Kouji's eyes slowly opened, then looked at the brunette.

"What? You think I wait out here to listen to your friend talk with some idiots about my personal life? Be thankful I don't punch her face in for using my brother like that." Kouji said calmly, and shut his eyes closed.

"So, why don't you?" Takuya asked.

"You want me to?" Kouji asked, unmoving.

"No! If you're so eager to do it, then why aren't you!?" Takuya asked, and after waiting several minutes of getting no response, Takuya let out an agitated sound. "Fine! Be that way!" He growled, and sat down on the steps, looking the way opposite to Kouji. The two sat like that for a while, before finally the females all decided it was time to leave and Izumi walked out. Seeing Takuya sitting on the steps with an irritated look, and Kouji lying next to the door as if asleep, she figured they needed to leave. The two walked back to the brunette's house in silence, and when they finally reached there, was when Izumi started her daily game of twenty questions.

"So... what was that?" Izumi asked, and getting a confused look from Takuya, who had been doing math homework.

"What?" Takuya blinked.

"You looked really mad at Kouji, what was that?" Izumi asked.
"Oh, he said he wanted to punch your face in for using Kouichi or something like that, and when I asked him why he didn't tell me." Takuya explained.

"I don't use Kouichi." Izumi sighed. "Then again, I can't blame Kouji for thinking that. Me and Kouichi made a deal... he's way too shy to be able to walk up to anyone and talk so... he tells me stuff about him and Kouji that's not too personal, and I try and find the girls interested in meeting him. When that happens, I plan a get together and he gets to meet lots of new people." Izumi smiled. "It works out great. Besides, I pay him half of what I make!" She chuckled.
"Maybe Kouichi keeps him from doing it then." Takuya said thoughtfully.

"Maybe. Know what I think though?" Izumi asked, with a grin.

"What? Do I want to know?" Takuya sighed, seeing that glint in her eye.

"I bet he has a crush on you!" Izumi taunted, then began making up a song about it.

"Seriously Izumi, what gives you that idea?" Takuya asked, and his eyes looked everywhere for duct tape... the song was irritating him to no end.

"Well... this morning he didn't try and kill you for bumping into him, and maybe he doesn't punch my face in because you don't want him too." Izumi smirked.

"Izumi, everyone in the morning of school is like a zombie, except you and his fan club, you are making screeching noises so loud dogs are probably barking in a nearby neighborhood. And it'll make more sense if Kouichi is the one who asked him not to do it. Besides, everyone thinks he likes you." Takuya shrugged, and at that Izumi burst out laughing.

"Oh, sorry... that was a good one though. No, Kouichi told me that was farther from the truth than anyone can imagine. Kouji wants to kill me." She chuckled. "Here, how about this. Next time you talk to Kouji, try and say something like... I annoyed you so much that day, that you hope something bad happens to me. I bet you... 100 yen he'll try and break my arm." She challenged.

"Izumi, you're so on." Takuya grinned, taking up the challenge. "I bet he won't do a single thing to you, because I know it's because of Kouichi." And so... the bet began.

For once since the first day Takuya argued with him, he couldn't wait to talk to Kouji. He wanted his money!!! The day went by as usual, and by the end Takuya was alarmed at how many girls surrounded Izumi. In fact, there were even two guys that hung around her, they all wanted to know more about Kouji. It was beyond the brunette just what was so interesting. Not only was there a lot more attractive and nicer guys in the vicinity, but also more interesting. What, was it because Kouji never talked? Seriously, this was sad... and the rumors were finally out of hand.

"I heard Izumi and Kouji are going out."

"I heard Kouji was arrested for battery charges and he broke out of prison."

"I heard he sells himself on the streets."

"Oooh, where where?!"

"I heard Kouichi and Kouji are close... REALLY close..."

"I heard Kouji and the art teacher are getting it on!"

"I heard he raped some kid, then stole all the boys money... after that... he humiliated the kid in front of the whole class by pulling down his pants and getting him horny!" For Takuya, this was the last straw. These people seriously had nothing better to do than to make up wild stories about someone who was just here.

"Can you people PLEASE get a life?! There are video games and books with that kind of crap, go mess with that! I can't hear myself think with all you shrieking like dying animals!" Takuya complained loudly, and the few that heard him shut up, and began asking people where the nearest video stores and library was. Rolling his eyes in annoyance, he found Izumi with the usual group of girls releasing words so high-pitched, only their fellow females and dogs could hear it. Walking by them and outside, he plopped down on the steps. Honestly, he was tired of all this and just wished people would get on with their life. It was pathetic really.

"Earmuffs." Came Kouji's blunt words, again making Takuya jump.

"Can you please stop that!?" Takuya scowled.

"Lose a few feet, because I'm not going to change for your benefit." Kouji said simply enough.

"I didn't ask you too." Takuya huffed, and turned away.

"Yes, you did. You told me to stop startling you." Kouji answered, in the 'duh' voice.

"No, I asked you to. I didn't tell you too." Takuya grumbled, and rested his chin on his folded hands. Receiving no reply from Kouji, he smirked. Hah, got that bandana-boy to shut up real quick.

"So you did." Kouji's voice slowly wandered. Takuya's eyebrow twitched.

"Are you trying to annoy me?" Takuya asked.

"Maybe." Kouji shrugged.

"Yes Kouji, your answer was so clear I understand it relatively well!" Takuya said sarcastically.

"...I'm curious to know if you noticed the lack of sound." Kouji's voice again wandered over, and Takuya then listened. Silence. With a twitching eyebrow, he whirled to look at the cracked door where a million eyeballs stared at him and Kouji.

"Y'know, when you all gather in bunches of eyes like that, you look like you came from an eyeless totem pole." Takuya pointed out, and several girls pushed the doors open and walked quickly away with red faces. Izumi was the last to walk out, and from seeing Takuya's expression she laughed nervously.

"Uh... let's get to your house...?" Izumi suggested, and the two went along their way.

"Izumi, of all the nerve... I can't believe you!" Takuya scowled at her.
"Well, I just said 'I have a theory', and they all wanted to see why. I couldn't stop them..." Izumi muttered uselessly.

"When you're paid to tell people facts, you don't share theories." Takuya sighed.

"Well, I told them Kouji held no interest in me at all, and they asked if I knew who he liked... I said no... and then they asked if I had any guesses..." Izumi continued on, knowing full well her hole was getting deeper and deeper.

"Whatever... just... look, Izumi it's already irritating enough how all these people won't shut up about the jerk, and now you're helping it!" Takuya sulked.

"Sorry... I won't do it again. Promise. Oh, and I noticed something... you never brought up how I annoyed you." Izumi said, and shot a disappointed glance at him.

"I couldn't, because he pointed out we were being spied on." Takuya reminded her.

"True... see! He does like you, why else would he point it out?" Izumi said, smiling happily because she believed it confirmed her belief.

"Because we were being watched." Takuya said, and Izumi shrugged.

"Fine... be that way." Izumi sniffed, then grinned. "Homework time!"

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