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Chapter 3: Now or never

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After the concert, Slash went to Axl's hotel room. He knocked on the door and opened it:
''Hello? Axl, are you there?'' he asked. He went into the room. ''Hey, Axl!'' he stood behind him. ''Are you okay''? The singer was sitting on the sofa. He pulled his knees closer to him, so he could cover his face. He didn't want the guitarist see him cry. ''Yeah, I'm fine! What's the matter?'' he tried to wipe his tears from his face and looked up to Slash. His curly hair were all over his face. Slash sat down, putting his arm on Axl's knee. '' I'm so sorry, Axl! I was such a jerk with you and the rest of the guys..So, uh I decided to stop with all this drinking. Please forgive me...'' he looked right through Axl's eyes. They were puffy and wet. The guitarist understood, that Axl were crying. He reached his hand to the singer's face and touched him softly '' Have you cried? Axl, what happened? Is it because of me?'' Axl looked at Slash with a little surprise in his eyes ''Of course it's because of you! You fuckin' hurt me, man! I've never thought you were going to do this...'' Axl wiped his tears. Slash kept holding Axl's warm face in his arm ''I know. I'm really sorry, I know I'm a pain in the ass''. They both laughed a little ''You were, as much as I am. So, I should apologise, too.'' He smiled a little at the guitarist as he hugged him. That's okay! Slash hugged him back ''That's why we're best friends, right? It can't be perfect''. They stopped hugging. There was silence for a couple of minutes and then Axl said ''I love you, man! Friends forever, right?'' he laughed. ''Friends forever!'' said Slash, smiling. While he was saying this, the guitarist thought ''I knew it! He will never feel the same about me.Or maybe he does.I should better tell him about it, I don't care what is going to happen''. ''Hey Ax, I uh..I want to tell you something. I'm not sure how to do it'' Axl looked at him again and smiled. He didn't knew what was it about, he never thought about Slash as something more than friend. ''I..I just..'' he couldn't say anything. And now he was staring at Axl's lips ''Do it! Now or never! He leaned slowly to the singer's red lips and kissed him very gently. Rose closed his eyes, he didn't knew what was happeening right now ''What the hell?'' he whispered. ''I love you!'' said Slash. He felt the rapid shallow breathing of Axl on his lips. Does that mean he feels the same about Hudson? ''Slash, what are you doing?'' Rose opened his eyes slowly, seeing only the wild curly hair of his friend. ''I've always wanted to do it.I can't live without you, Ax. I don't know if you feel the same, but I do''...''I don't know what to say, except that this was the best kiss ever!'' said Axl. Slash leaned one more time, kissing him again. Axl gasped a little and the guitarist smiled by hearing this sound. The singer leaned back to the sofa kissing Slash. This time he let him lead. Slash moved his hands around Axl's waist and started kissing his neck. Axl moaned as he felt Slash's curls touching his skin. He moved his hands slowly to the guitarist shoulders and then to his chest. Slash smiled at Axl and kissed his lips, but this time more passionately. He took off his shirt and then reached to do the same with Axl's shirt. The singer stared at Slash's skin. ''It's so beautiful'' he thought. ''Wait, what about the rest of the guys? How we're going to tell them about us?''. ''They will understand, Ax.'' Slash smiled gently.
As they were looking each other, Duff knocked on the door ''Hey, Ax the manager is calling you! Let's go!''. ''Okay!'' Rose shouted ''We have to go now, Slash''! he stood up and went to the door. The guitarist followed him ''You know we're going to continue this later.'' he laughed looking at Axl. ''I was hoping you to say this''. They both laughed. The redhead gave a quick kiss to his friend before opening the door...
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